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  • For a weekend that I went into with literally nothing planned, it sure ended up being a highly social one. There were a few hours on Saturday afternoon and late Sunday night where it was just me and some laundry, but mostly I was out all weekend. Drinks on Friday, tea and antiquing with [profile] ymp on Saturday afternoon (got some awesome ice cream bowls and yummy new tea), #yegswap and other things resulting in iPhone LJ posting on Saturday night, and #codejoes on Sunday. (For all the uninitiated: the # signals an event conceived of, organized and promoted mostly via Twitter, events which appear often in Edmonton and many of which I attend. I feel the # is an important part of the event name.) Fun + productive weekend. \o/

  • I am going to Muse next Monday. This is great, but not nearly as awesome as the fact that Silversun Pickups are opening. I admit I'm more interested in them than Muse, though I'm sure Muse will be good, too. XD

  • Doctor Who Season 5 premier party? Friend iamo is hosting, and I'm sure it will be awesome. I'm getting really pumped for the new season what with all the trailers we've had released in the last few weeks. :D This probably means my reaction post/recap won't be out until later, since right after that I have my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary to go to.

  • Getting new professional photos of me done, probably next week. Not headshots per se (I don't do enough SM work to really need them for theatre anymore), but some personality and professional shots for online purposes like blogging and whatnot, because I'm using ones that are a few years old right now and would like them to be more up to date. Also I'll be speaking at a couple of events in the fall, and likely will need updated ones anyway. Not 100% sure what the plan/setting for them is yet-- the photographer and I are tossing thoughts back and forth over Facebook, and likely we'll be in the Edmonton downtown area somewhere. Any ideas? Visually, what would scream 'Chelle' to you? No idea is too crazy (unless it involves running or death-defying stunts of some kind: I am not an action hero, wish though I might).

  • New default user icon! Because Garcia is awesome, but mostly because I love screwing with the flist. XD


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