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Oh hey LJ, how you doin'? I know I've been ignoring you lately, but I don't mean anything by it, really. *pets*
  • Doctor Who! :D Non-Spoilery Quick Hit: I enjoyed it, though I thought it was too long and kinda dragged. What can I say, I love me some firm structure and a little less window-dressing, even if it's character based. I'm fascinated by Amy (and given this is a Moffatt female, I'm kinda shocked about that), and am enjoying Eleven so far. Also love the new style of direction/cinematography and hope that sticks around. Most exciting bit? That I don't have to wait 6+ months for a new episode! Hurrah for a proper Who season! *hugs season five*

  • Went to the Muse concert last Monday, and it was all kinds of epic win. I was on the floor, which I'd never been before, and while at times it was a little anxiety-ridden (like when the high guy in front of me started waving his lit joint around willy-nilly) it was a great show. Part of its greatness was my proximity to the stage, and the ability to actually see some of the details, including the musician's faces. Also awesome was Silversun Pickups opening for them. :D

  • Have finished season 2 of 24. It wasn't nearly as good as season 1, and I found myself getting a bit bored, especially in the last handful of episodes, which is probably not the way things are supposed to go. The first season had a very personal story to anchor it, something definitely lacking in the second season. It's harder to identify with large-scale stakes than with one or two people in peril, which probably explains a lot about the human race in general. Wars don't affect us the same way one person we know dying tragically does. Sort of a quality over quantity argument, in the most callous terms. I have heard seasons 3 thru 5 are the best ones, though, so I'll keep watching.

  • Have watched all of season 1 and 2 of Big Bang Theory, and I'm still digesting it. It's definitely hilarious, but whoa does it not even ever come close to passing the Bechdel test. I can't decide if it's supporting or subverting gender and nerd stereotypes: I'm leaning more to the first with occassional appearance of the second depending on the character and the situation. The character of Howard is deeply problematic on so many OH BAD levels, but at the same time I say that I see that's what they're trying to do there: sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don't, largely depending on the female component of whatever story is being told. There are many things about the character of Penny I really like, and the friendship between Penny and Sheldon is often really interesting. Leonard is by far the least interesting part of the entire show, and seems mostly there as the backboard to bounce Sheldon off of. There may or may not be meta about this in my future, but I'd appreciate being pointed in the direction of any existing meta y'all have seen about this show.

  • Saw "How to Train Your Dragon" and it's excellent. Two thumbs up. If you're a cat person, the dragons will be particularly amusing. Most bemusing was how all the young Vikings have American accents and the adult Vikings have Scottish accents. I assume that's some sort of 'coming of age' rite. ;)

  • Busy week at work last week, and another this week. This week should be more fun, though. Wireframes and functinal specification documents FTW!

  • Have been listening to several of the Skeptically Speaking podcasts that cross over into my interests (and a few that don't, but I'm one of those people who will happily watch/listen to documentaries and interviews about paint drying if it's delivered with passion and enthusiasm). As someone who is guilty of researching anything and often everything, the Skeptic movement is interesting. Sometimes the science gets WAY too deep for my brain, but I like the focus on critical thinking and logic-based analysis. It's caused me think a little harder about a few things I might not have otherwise.

  • Four day Easter weekend was full of family and food, but not the traditional Easter fair. Birthday dinner at Sister's house, then Easter combined with Grandparent's 60th Anniversary at a restaurant on Saturday. As a result I have not had my ham dinner, and dammit I wants one! :( I'm thinking of buying my own ham tomorrow, just to fill the void.

  • I need some season 5 Who icons, but as yet haven't had much time to look for them. Please comment with your favourite ones and expect stealing. :D


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