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Woo, another bullet point post. Woooooo! Woo!
  • Have officially decided to join a local Toastmasters group, mostly in an attempt to rid myself of my bad speaking habits. I'm doing a lot more speaking at this job than I did at The Brick, and while I'm a capable enough speaker there are definitely things I could be better at. I went as a guest for a couple of meetings, and I really like the format: it's very structured but still at-your-own-pace, and includes both prepared and impromptu speaking challenges. The most alluring part for me -- being the chronic criticism seeker that I am -- is that every speech and table talk is evaluated by a fellow member, and then after that the evaluators, toastmaster, and other members with roles are also evaluated by a general evaluation. It's an evaluationpaloza! A veritable goldmine of constructive criticism! :D So I'm signing up.

  • Boy and I went to see a great stage play on Thursday which I want to gush about later tonight. We almost didn't get to see it, though, because I just missed the train and the next one came five minutes before the show started, so I had to hoof it. Made it just in time, though, so it all worked out. Then, after the show, I thought I'd lost my iPhone and there was much panic, but found it in between the lining and exterior fabric of my jacket much to my relief. Then more transit fail which meant I had to walk home in the cold, during which derogitory things were yelled at my by a drunken man. So basically awesome sandwiched between fail.

  • Got a haircut on Saturday afternoon, and somehow even though I'm growing it out I managed to get a cut that both looks nice and requires very little effort. I let it air dry on Sunday and it dried perfectly without any intervention. \o/ pretty much sums up how I feel about less hair bother in the morning.

  • Boy's birthday party on Saturday! Lots of people and lots of fun was had. Impromptu poker game was played: I got screwed in an all-in pot by an unfortunate last flop, but it wasn't for real money so I wasn't too fussed. I ate way too much (Boy is an excellent cook, and very skilled with a BBQ). Also, apparently, I'm discovering I like beer. I had three bottles of Alexander Keiths. Last summer, wine; this summer, beer!

  • New office! My work has relocated to a new office location and we moved in on Friday. It's a business condo just west of the downtown Edmonton core, which means it's closer to my apartment, which is clearly AWESOME. It only takes me 15 minutes max to walk to work now, and I can go home for lunch if I want. There are two Starbucks locations close to, and also a Marble Slab Creamery, which is so so SO dangerous because I love Marble Slab ice cream. I also scored a desk right under a window that opens, so FRESH AIR FTW! :D
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