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And now, for a life and times of me recap:
  • Saw Drowning Girls at the Citadel on Thursday and it was amazing. It's a black box show performed on a wet-stage with water everywhere. Three amazing actors, three bathtubs with working shower heads above them, and a storytelling style that hooks me every time. This is the kind of theatre I love the best because as live theatre is the only way this kind of structure works, where actors slip in and out of characters interchangably, where the story cuts and flits around the emotional underscore, and where there is -- quite literally in this case -- a splash zone. This is the kind of theatre performance that makes me sad I'm no longer in the business, because wow.

  • Participated in the first Edmonton Improv Everywhere's MP3 Experiment, and it was awesome fun. My birthday's coming up at the end of June, and for the last three years I've done a 'Chelle in the Park' kind of event to celebrate. This works because 1) my home is small and can't accommodate all the people I wish to accommodate; and, 2) it's summer and warm, so no one wants to be inside anyway. I've been thinking I might record my own little MP3 Experiment as a bith of birthday fun in the park. :D

  • Wedding shower for jonesinforsin on Saturday, which went well I think. This is my first time in a bridal party, so this is all pretty new territory for me, but it seems to be going well. One of the other bridesmaids offered up her home as a venue, so I agreed to do the invitations, handle the RSVP logistics, and play host to the event since I... like to talk. :P

  • Sunday I was wiped for reasons I don't understand, and other than meeting some folk for #brunchwar just before noon I basically slept all day. Then, obviously, was awake all night because of it. Oops.

  • This week was empty of plans just a few days ago, and now this week and next week are full. How does this happen to me? When did I become a socialite? I blame Twitter.

  • New user icon! I have some pics from my photo shoot to post at some point this week, but right now I love this one so much I had to make it my default user icon. :D Will post larger version plus others, hopefully tonight.


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