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Right now my personal gateway to joy is Starbuck's lemon raspberry loaf. The winter months are made ever-longer by its absence.

And oh hey, it's my semi-weekly bullet point update of life in general!

  • Ventured into St. Albert last Thursday to have dinner with my grandparents for maybe the first time since Christmas. I'm certain this makes me a very, very bad granddaughter, especially given how often that side of my family gets together. Unfortunately, they have a habit of not notifying me of events until the day of, and with my schedule right now that's about two weeks too late. :P Dinner was nice, though, and it was good to see them. Apparently they are looking at moving into either a condo or bungalow: I think their knees are complaining about all the stairs in their house.

  • Suprise party last Friday for a friend, and can I just say that waiting in someone's house in the dark with sixteen other people is hilarious? We played a lot of Jenga. :P Later on that evening, we lit a cake on fire.

  • Went to the Butterdome Spring Craft Sale on Saturday with Mom and Sister, and scored a little table perfectly sized for my entryway! It has a drawer and everything. I am extremely pleased with my new piece of furniture. :D

  • Also went to the District 42 Toastmasters speaking competition Saturday afternoon, and was overall very impressed with the speakers. They all seemed to group around the same basic themes, and it would have been nice to see more diversity outside the Inspiration/Motivational Speech, but I enjoyed the event. The chairs were extraordinarily uncomfortable, though, and my back was not pleased to spend three hours there.

    I also gave my icebreaker speech on Monday at my own Toastmasters club, and it was received very well. I'm actually pretty comfortable in front of an audience: my personality has always leaned a little towards 'ham', and my drama and musical experience makes public speaking much less anxiety-filled for me than it might be for other people. What I'm trying to do in Toastmasters is work on my impromptu and prepared-but-not-memorized speaking: in the past, I've either read a fully written speech or delivered one I'd memorized line-for-line as if it was a script. I'm trying not to memorize my prepared speeches word for word, and though my first lacked the polish and poetry typical of my speaking, I'm reasonably certain that, too, will come as I acclimatize to the format. I'm also working at Bring the Funny, which has always been a struggle for me. I am by nature dark and moody, people, not light and humourous! (Snarky I grant you, sarcastic yes, but not really funny 'haha'.)

  • Between blogging and Toastmasters and life right now, I'm spending far too much time trying to figure out why it's easier for me to open up to a crowd -- whether that be speaking to an audience or writing to the internets in general -- than it is to open up to one person. This has not always been the case, but in the last two and three years I find myself struggling to talking in a meaningful way with people one on one, even with those whom I've historically been very open with before. I worry life has taught me to be too closely guarded, and that while I'm getting better and better at socializing on a superficial level, my ability to connect to people in a more intimate way is slipping. I have a basic understanding of where this has come from and why, but no concept of how to fix it because the prospect of trusting people not to break me is pretty overwhelming. Yet blogging about it, openly, on a non-anonymous public journal? Somehow okay. WTF right?

  • Going to see Iron Man 2 tonight! So far critics seem to be agreeing on 'blah' while non-critic people I know who caught the midnight show last night are singing it's praises. Could go either way.

  • Pink Tie Gala with Boy tomorrow night! :D I'm excited to have a reason to dress up and feel extra pretty. Since work moved to our new location in a condo and I no longer work in a large office building with loads of other well dressed business people, my norm has lately been jeans and t-shirts unless I've got a meeting.


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