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Insomnia is starting to catch up with me.

I haven't slept for more than a couple of hours a night since Sunday and do I ever feel it today. The worst part about insomnia that lasts more than a day or two is how it expands time to almost unbearable durations. I can't sleep when I have time to sleep so I lie awake counting the ticks of the clock one by one, and then when it comes time to be functional and awake I'm so drained and exhausted that I have trouble focusing or concentrating on much of anything, so everything drags by. I'm awake for more hours but half as productive. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

It probably doesn't help that it's been so warm in my apartment that I've been getting what little sleep I can manage on the sofa. There's more air in the main room and the leather keeps cooler than my mattress. Not the greatest for my back, though, and I'm too tall to stretch out completely so I toss and turn more.

Hopefully the issues causing this recent bout of sleeplessness will be sorted tonight. It's lucky work has been light this week, or my zombieishness would have been a way bigger problem.

Bought new prescription sunglasses yesterday. I haven't owned a pair in ages, but with all the walking I've been doing since my life centralized around downtown it's become a necessary expense. They're on order so I won't actually have them for a week or so, but I'm pumped to play frisbee without squinting. Also, I have flex credits through work insurance that will reimburse me for the cost of them, so they're basically free tinted awesome. With my luck they will be broken or lost inside a month.

Long weekend this weekend. I so very badly need one, though I fear at this rate I'll end up sleeping through the entire thing and missing it.

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