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Holy crap it's already June.
  • The past two weekends have both been cloudy, cold and rainy. BLAH, I say unto you Mother Nature. BLAH. I am obsessively checking and rechecking the weather forecast for this weekend in hopes of sunshine and warm. *crosses fingers*

  • Last thursday I attended my first Turkey Shoot, which for those who are familiar with Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is exactly that except in a real movie theatre with real people and everyone gets to play. For those who don't know MST3K, basically what we're talking about here is playing a really awful, badly-written B-movie and making fun of it while it's playing. The movie we watched was The Room which they've shown before but I had never seen, and WHOA was it so incredibly, delightfully and oftentimes completely randomly awful. There was bad acting, awful writing, montages, awful soft-core pornography, rose abuse, nonsense blocking, and -- my personal favourite -- tuxedo football! This is one of those movies that can't be explained: it must be watched (and watched with a room full of enthusiastic sarcastic commentary) to be fully appreciated. Great event, and I look forward to the next Turkey Shoot.

  • Someone keyed my car on Friday. I'm still pissed about it.

  • On a friend's advice, I have started watching Chuck. This show is AWESOME you guys. I'm already done season one and started season two. It's kinda like a modern day Get Smart. I strongly urge those looking for new TV to watch through the summer to try Chuck.

  • I have not posted a single recap about season five of Doctor who and feel a little bit guilty about that. So far I'm more or less meh about the whole season insofar as the plot goes. I'm quite fond of our three main characters as they stand (and somewhat more ingratiated to River Song), but I've found the plots and writing to be unsteady. There's very little so far that has brought out the impulse to meta, so I just... haven't.

  • I leant Twitter friend @Jillus the first three Harry Potter movies so she could marathon them over the weekend, and she thanked me by drawing this completely awesome picture of me wearing Slytherin garb! XD The term "squee" does not come close to covering how this picture delights me, no matter how many exclamation points you put after it. :D :D

  • Speaking of Harry Potter, this shirt is possible the awesomest thing ever.

  • Had drinks with that ex of mine on Saturday night which was interesting. Not in an I-want-to-date-this-person-again way, just in a I-remember-we-used-to-have-interesting-conversations kind of way. It's kinda strange seeing someone you haven't seen in six years, especially when your last interaction was breaking up with them. Kind of surreal.

  • I ended up being a last-minute pinch-hit debator in my Toastmasters' Club debate contest last night and then won second place! I like to debate and argue but have never participated in a formal debate before, and I really enjoyed it. When there's another one I'll definitely sign up again: it's very good practice, especially being on a time limit. It forces me to be concise and stick to one or two points.

  • My new prescription sunglasses should be in sometime this week! I'm excited to not squint when I'm outside anymore that is if the sun ever shines on a weekend.

  • I've been watching the news about the BP oil spill pretty closely, but if you haven't here's a good list of links to all the important things you should know about it.
  • I want an iPad. So, so badly. *pouts*


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