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I was supposed to go on an OKCupid date on Tuesday but it got unexpectedly cancelled and rescheduled. Which I was fine with me because it meant a relaxing night in watching more Chuck and hanging out with Velcro Cat.

You know what I like best about Chuck? The way Sarah can be a female CIA agent and sexy without always needing to mix the two, even though the show is often handwavy and campy. When they go on a raid she dresses in the same bulky body armour as the rest of the agents. If she knows she'll be walking into a potential gun or fist fight she dresses in flexible clothing, ties her hair back and puts on sensible, flat shoes. If the mission calls for her to sex it up (undercover at a snazzy party for example), she often -- and I know this will stun people -- removes her heels before chasing the bad guy or engaging in a fight; sometimes they even explicitly show her removing her shoes and going barefoot, while other times she just appears fighting or fleeing shoeless later, having shed them at some point along the way. Because if you're running for your life, the last thing you're gonna do is keep on the 3" pumps, and that tiny injection of realism makes my heart swell with love for this show. I love all the characters, but I'm fangirling all over Sarah Walker who is strong and weak and brilliant and flawed in lovely, honest, sometimes subtle ways.

Last night was dinner with some of my old Brick coworkers, which was super fun. I got caught up on all the gossip and politics (most of which did not surprise me at all). My new job is awesome and I love it, but I do often miss the camaraderie we had at in the Brick Internet Department, mostly born from needing to unite in the face of overwhelming adversity. Very much a "better we laugh than cry" mindset. Things there seem on par with what I remember, and listening to stories of the chaos is much more entertaining when it isn't chaos I have to deal with.

Tonight: Pecha Kucha!

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