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My phone has been buzzing with text messages all day. Merely a coincidence or is there some kind of Text Chelle holiday/conspiracy afoot do you think?
  • ZOMG I can't believe I didn't mention it yesterday: the iPhone 4 has been officially announced and -- to exactly no one's shock or surprise -- I wants one. *drools* My current 8G iPhone is almost full, so the upgrade to 16G is perfectly well timed. Also, I'm squeeful and hand-flaily about the extended battery life, the 960 x 640 screen resolution, 5MP camera with flash, HD video, front facing camera, multitasking and multiple Exchange account support. There's also video calling, but I don't think I'd use it often enough for it to be the "killer app" Apple seems to think it is.

    I'm a little cranky at Apple again for not launching in Canada the same time they launch in the US. I don't understand what is so difficult about launching new products in North America all at once. The extra month wait is infuriating.

    Also, I may buy a white one this time. What do you think?

  • I think I've conquored my template design problem by completely ignoring the colour combination suggestion. (A time-honoured designer trick tactic from way, way back.) I've used the suggested colours but in separate templates. I might have figured something out with the combination, but there was a time restriction so at some point I had to sacrifice the vision and just get it done as best as possible in the time allotted. Which I think I achieved. We'll see what appears in the inbox about it tomorrow.

  • Jessica Smith talks about giving up a career to look after the kids, and is frustrated why it's still almost always women who do so. I wish she'd posted this article a few weeks ago, because I got into a debate about exactly this and could have used several of her points. Though it probably wouldn't have helped: I was arguing with one of the most patronizing, sexist men I've met in a long time who was really only interested in mansplaining to me why feminism is no longer necessary and women are all equal these days don'tcha know. The more I debate feminist topics the more frustrating it is to go back to feministm 101; probably that's true for any -ism.

  • I already knew this, but probably some of you don't: advice from health food and supplement stores is almost always either poorly supported or misleading and completely contradicted by scientific evidence. These places and their staff -- who, by the way, almost never have any more expertise in the things they sell than the average McDonald's employee might -- are keenly interested primarily in selling you the most expensive thing on their shelf.

    I have taken a couple of herbal supplements and vitamins in my time, but in every case I did a pile of research on the supplement or herbal remedy before I even entered the store, which probably made me more of an expert on the product than the sales person. I'm not saying these kinds of things are all always blanket bull-shit (though often there isn't a shred of real science to back up the claims), but before you shell out a lot of money for what might be nothing more than the placebo effect, it's probably worth doing a little reading.

I'm trying to post more often, not because I necessarily think you're all dying to hear from me every day but because the experiencing of personal journaling is helpful to me. It's easier to keep track of and reflect on the every-day little happenings when I take the time to write about them. When my parents used to ask me what I did at school I used to answer "nothing", but it's not nothing, so I'm changing my answer.


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