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My week this week is crammed full of too much stuff to do. At work, in life, in preparation. Anyone have some spare hours they can lend me?
  • The theme of this week seems to be Keynote Presentations.

    For those that don't know, PowerPoint is not your friend. If you must create a presentation, savvy people will use Keynote. Because it's just better. It looks better, it works better, and the animation and transition features lap PowerPoint several times over. It is a Macintosh-only software, though, so all you silly PC users are just plain outta luck. Have fun in the pit of despair that is PowerPoint.

    The first presentation I built this week was in a rushed two hours after work and before Toastmasters on Monday for my speech about blogging. I thought I was scheduled to do my speech next week, but last Thursday I received the roster and saw my name on it for Monday's line-up, so I had to throw something together fast. It was well-received and I'm pretty satisfied with it over all, though I'd hoped to include a little bit of custom animation razzle-dazzle. Ah well.

    Keynote presentation number two is work-related for our retreat next week and all about mobile Internet usage and development. Statistics heavy, which -- given Keynote's robust charting functions -- you'd think would be a quickie, but alas. I am too anal about the style and look of the thing and the charting function doesn't give me the infograph look I want, so I'm building all the charts and whatnot from scratch. Fortunately, the presentation is short.

    The third is for a class on search engine optimization I'm teaching on Friday afternoon at Guru Digital Arts College. It's going to be significantly longer, but fortunately I know and have all the content I need to build it already, so mostly it's just dividing the words up into slides, formatting it appeal to my inner designer (I can't bring myself to build "ugly" presentations, I just... can't) and adding screen shots where necessary. How much razzle dazzle I add in will depend on how much time I can devote to the thing between now and Friday morning. It helps that I've built three different "tutorials" on SEO in the last two months, so I have tonnes of pre-existing, comprehensive content to draw from.

  • Went to the Greater Edmonton Skeptic Society meeting yesterday and discovered the Elephant and Castle pub in City Centre makes a pretty decent Shepherd's Pie. I got suckered into taking minutes because the usual minute-taker was absent (okay, fine, I reluctantly volunteered when it became clear no one else was going to). At some point this week I have to tidy up those notes and fire them off to the board. Or maybe I'll do that on Sunday, when life is somewhat calmer.

  • Bridesmaid duties are increasing, as I expected. I was super organized yesterday and made a bunch of phone calls and organized a pile of things that needed to be organized. Bachelorette party is on Friday, and at some point I have to come up with/prepare fun games that are appropriate (or low-key enough if not) to get away with playing in a restaurant. Any ideas?

  • Also have to clean my apartment (and WHOA NELLY does it need it BAD) before Friday night. Um...? Kitchen and bathroom + general tidying planned for tonight, but I'm going to leave vacuuming for as long as possible owing to life with Velcro Cat.

  • Haven't had the chance to watch any Chuck at all since sometime last week. This makes me a little sad, but since I'm almost done the last available season, I'm also okay with drawing it out a little longer.

  • Client meeting tomorrow morning means I have to iron me some actual business clothes tonight. *adds that to the list*

This week is only half over and I'm already exhausted.

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