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Oh hey there Livejournal. Did you miss me? It's been almost two weeks since last we spent some quality time together.

  • Wedding came and went, and aside from some (frankly ridiculous) interpersonal hiccups from within the groom's side of the bridal party and a minor music glitch at the ceremony, things went swimmingly. It was very strange to be sitting at the head table, though, elevated above the rest of the tables. It felt very VIP.

    There was a Scrabble theme at the reception, complete with awesome Scrabble cake and a plethora of loose tiles spread around each of the tables. Probably unsurprisingly, it was not long before some gutter-minded individuals started up a dirty word/sex Scrabble challenge that ultimately used up every tile in the place. At one point half around half the guests were crowded around the table (and not just the young ones, either) brainstorming naughty things to add.

    Also! I got to drive an awesome car for the weekend. The bride and groom rented two Mustang convertibles, and I was in charge of one of them. :D :D :D And, since the ceremony was 45 minutes out of the city, I got to drive it on the highway! VROOOOOOOOOOM!! It was sad to return it on Sunday morning.

  • It was really awesome to see my friend L again, who came up for the wedding. I hadn't seen her in five years, and the last time she was up it was while I was still in theatre school and smack dab in the middle of the biggest show Grant MacEwan had ever put on, so I only saw her for about an hour after a disastrous dress rehearsal and when I'd been awake for something like 36 hours straight. Not exactly a quality visit, so this time around it was great to take a few days off and actually get to talk and hang out, even though there was a lot of wedding crazy going on. Excited that she's going to school in Vancouver this year, which is significantly closer-to than New Brunswick, so I'm certain I'll see her again within the year.

  • As anticipated, the iPhone 4 is likely going to be released in Canada while I'm on vacation in Vancouver. This means I'll probably have to wait an extra week to get my gimmie hands on it. :c This is especially annoying considering the iOS update, while awesome in many ways, is tediously slow on the 3G.

    In other iPhone related news, my mother just bought one, which means Apple owns the full Saunders set. Also, she's discovered (and is quite enthusiastic about) text messaging, and I am apparently one of her "fab five" or something. Uh oh.

  • Fringe meeting with my writer/actor last week! I'm excited for the show, and pumped to be doing some theatre again! The script is still in rewrites, but it seems like there will be some fun sound design and perhaps even some projection work. Hoping to do photos for the poster and marketing materials soon, maybe next weekend.

  • Wrote a post at about the research in Florida on engineering female babies in utero to be heterosexual and more stereotypically feminine that I haven't formatted for LJ yet. I also talk a little about the clitoral surgeries going on at Cornell.

    I'm likely going to start fake-cutting posts like this over to the other blog rather than duplicating them here in their entirety. There are two reasons for this: the first is that formatting longer editorial pieces like this takes long enough the first go-around, and having to do it twice is a massive pain the ass; the second is that, while duplicating content is more convenient for readers here, it's kind of an SEO no-no.

  • The YEGfeminist group I'm trying to get off the ground is having its first meet'n'greet social tomorrow, and there are actually people coming! :D Pumped to meet feminists in Edmonton in the flesh.

  • The whitewashed Avatar: The Last Airbender movie is getting abysmal reviews which has removed any and all temptation I had to go and see it, which I wasn't planning to do anyway. It sucking makes that easier, though. DarianeNabor has a long but worthwhile review of the movie on Darnivorous, and there's actually been a fair amount of press on the racebending issues in the film, which is good to see.

  • Edmonton Street Performers Festival starts this weekend and I am determined to go this year. I have never been, which is insanity.

  • Friend @Jillus drew another picture of me, and it was so awesome I had to make an LJ user icon out of it! :D
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