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Back to posting regularly again...
  • If you're flailing because you heard death by methane bubble is the way the world is gonna end, rest easy: from io9, the methane doomsday story has been debunked good and proper. Also, Deborah Blum over at Speakeasy Science calls out the irresponible reporting that started all this.

  • Also, because this enraged me today, apparently if you're carrying more than two condoms around with you in D.C., you can be charged with prostitution. Proof positive that we never waste a moment to A) discourage safer sex, and B) assume that all women who carry condems -- you know, maybe because they enjoy sex -- are whores. *headdesk*

  • Swing dancing on Saturday night was lots of fun! It was meltingly hot, so you could only do a couple of dances at a time before you had to retreat to bottled water and the (slightly) cooler temperatures outside, but aside from that it was a good time. I'll definitely go back again. They did some kind of crazy swing/line dance at the end of the night that I want to learn thought I'm not sure my feet move that fast.

  • Caught the last act of the SOSFest on Whyte Ave last night, and while I'm not Shout Out Out Out Out's biggest fan, the street-party vibe on Whyte was infectious and responsible. For all the people having a good time, there was no destruction or chaos. I do wonder how much the event being held on a Sunday night impacted that point, and whether the party would have been quite so relaxed if it'd been a Friday or Saturday.

  • I think the plan is to work remotely from St. Albert tomorrow and do laundry while I'm there, which will free up my evening for some Shakespeare in the Park for the evening. Also, it sounds like it might work out well for user testing in St. Albert tomorrow afternoon, so clearly it's fate.

  • Still haven't been down to the Street Performer's Festival yet: hoping to go Wednesday after work if the weather cooperates.

  • My road trip to Vancouver with Sister to visit Brother and Sister-in-Law is fast approaching, and I'm so very ready to leave town for a week. I haven't had a real vacation in two years, and I'm itching to get away. I'm trying not to think about it too much because it's hard to focus on work, life and such when I do, but... *bouncebouncebounce*

  • I may be starting another blog project. Because obviously I don't blog enough yet. :P I'm pitching an idea later this week and depending on the reception, I'll go ahead or not. I don't really need a lot of help, but I do want a second opinion from someone who's been in the skeptic community longer than I have as to the value. Also, I've been itching to mess around with some CSS3 and have been hoarding links on delicious, and this may be the perfect excuse.

  • Also going to take my first attempt at building an iPhone stylesheet, probably during the first week in August when I get back from the Road Trip of Sisterly Win. Should be a challenging and interesting project, which is just my cup of tea.

  • Speaking of tea, almost out of tea! :O This will never do. Time to stock up again.

    I've become such a massive tea snob it isn't even funny. Every time I have bag tea now I'm disappointed, and at restaurants when all they have is Red Rose tea I sneer. Currently my plan is to bring a tea stash with me on the Road Trip of Sisterly Win because I simply cannot bear to be without it for an entire week. This means I also need to bring a french press or other such method of properly infusing said tea. So much for packing light.

  • Speaking of Road Trip of Sisterly Win, I have to clean out my car before I can take it anywhere. It also needs an oil change. And possibly a tune-up. I should probably get on that. *eep*


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