Feb. 25th, 2010

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Prepare for bullet points!
  • Still in honeymoon phase re: new laptop. I just want to use it all the time because it's so wonderful. Velcro Cat much protests this shiny silver thing that has lately taken his spot on my lap, though we're figuring out a compromise where he spralls next to my leg and gets scratchies and belly rubs while I can do basic trackpad-heavy keyboard-lite tasks. Velcro Cat is also cranky because I haven't been home much. There are reasons for that, but I get the feeling he doesn't much care for them. :P

  • Olympics! I continue to watch more curling than is probably good for me, while still making a little bit of time to watch various other sports. I, like my fellow countrymen, had my spirit crushed -- crushed I say -- by the Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned. We did, however, kick some Russian ass. \o/ I must find a location not my home to watch the hockey finals on Sunday, because my wireless connection can't handle the speed. I also have a few thinky-thoughts about Canada, our unique brand of patriotism, the whole Win the Podium campaign, and all the wacky press and bemusement, but I'm waiting until the event is over.

  • Twitter hastags are creeping into my everyday text and email life. This is either awesome or awful. Both maybe? #uhoh

  • I has a formspring. Ask me something!

  • Sister has found a wedding dress! *squee* It is exciting and she looks amazing in it. Dressing her up in fancy white dresses was fun times. :D

  • I worked the easiest art modelling gig ever on Monday night. They were doing extreme perspective drawings so I just layed on my back on a platform for three hours and slept. The drawings were cool to look at after; because of the way I was positioned, my feet too up nearly half the page.

  • I had a spectacular Tuesday night, though I stayed up way too late on a school night. Totally worth it, though. :D

  • This weekend is music weekend! Going to a guitar concert on Friday night and the symphony on Saturday night, both with my father. Both will be awesome. :D

  • There are many substantial posts on other topics other than Life and Times of Me, but I never seem to have any time to post them. :/ Certainly not when I first hear about them and they're really relevant, and then they just sit in my delicious account gathering dust because they're old news. *sad*

  • Went to see Sweeney Todd at the Citadel last night. WOW SO AWESOME. The design was just... *giddy with joy*. And the costumes were amazing. I experienced the show in one part delight and two parts green envy for wishing I'd worked on it. Also? Sondheim WINS. The music makes me smile uncontrollably.

  • I'm so out of the loop with S5 Doctor Who spoilers and I'm pretty okay with that. I trust [profile] _thirty2flavors to keep me in the loop when it comes to anything truly cracktastic.


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