May. 17th, 2010

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Missed updating last week, but I had a good reason (well, a reason anyway): work!
  • Work! A huge report that had to be written last week did, in fact, get written. Almost 40 pages of business writing on social media, and sprinted in two days. WOOO! My hands and fingers were all crampy after, and I admit the very last thing I wanted to do was type anything. The report seems to have been well-received, so it was all worth it, but wow was I tired of looking at Word after that.

  • Iron Man 2 was good as sequels go, though the first one was better (aren't they always?). The plot was a bit all over and it seemed like they were trying to do way too much in one movie. Sequels often turn out that way, probably because there's so much pressure to deliver something bigger-better-faster in the second go-round, but they usually end up unfocused and scattershot. Too many plots leads to an overall plot that is incohesive, and too many character moments lead to breadth without depth, and depth is where the really good stuff is hiding. Sequels should arguably be able to go deeper into character and relationships because they don't have to spend all that time introducing them to us, but often what we get is whatever they manage to skim off the top.

    Scarlett Johansson is all kinds of hella-hot in this flick as Black Widow, though. Best action sequence in the movie hands down.

  • Pink Tie gala was fun! There were tasty h'orderves, champagne, cocktails, a silent auction, a fashion show, and lots of pink everywhere. Afterward we hopped in a cab and met friends for karaoke, and I sang a little Journey (Don't Stop Believing) for the small crowd and made some new friends. Part of the reason I enjoy Edmonton Twitter events so much is that I always seem to meet someone new and awesome. How would I have ever met these people before Twitter?

  • Aside from work, last week was actually fairly quiet. My parents took me to Live and Let Die: A Syphonic Tribute to the Music of Paul McCartney and it was awesome; I've had Hey Jude stuck in my head for the past week and I don't mind in the slightest. The best thing about Paul McCartney and the Beatles is how they span age demographics: during the encore the entire audience was on its feed and dancing -- old and young, men and women. There is nothing quite so fabulous to watch as an 18 and 68 year old grooving enthusiastically to the same music.

  • The Edmonton City Market opened downtown this weekend, so I wandered over and met a friend for a little light shopping (mmm... mini cucumbers are delicious) and lunch. Also managed to score my first sunburn of the season. *facepalm* I have this problem where I forget every year that the sun can burn in months other than July and August. I'm hoping once the burn goes away that I'm not left with dark tan lines: I just got rid of last year's awkward lines. At least I was wearing a tank top instead of a high-neckted t-shirt or something.

  • Today is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. In BC, parents quashed many of the IDAHO activities a local group of high school students had planned. Because apparently spending any class time talking about homophobia is inappropriate. *sigh*

  • I may be SMing a one-woman Fringe show this year! Theatre! And me being involved in it! WOOT!! :D :D

  • The May long weekend is coming up, but the weather forecast says rain. :c This quite literally puts a damper on potential plans of wearing hats and going to the horse races. *crosses fingers for sunshine*


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