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It is the afternoon of New Years Eve. I am at work turning legal documents into web-friendly HTML documents and need a little break from all those UL and OL tags before I go a little cross-eyed. Also, it's almost a new decade! The oughts are nearly done with! It seems appropriate to go back and have a little look at the things that have happened to me during the last decade, if only to act as a little time capsule of that part of my life.

My Life in Summary, From 2000 to 2009 )

There are many other little tiny things that fit inbetween and overlap across those bigger things up there that have made me who I am right now and who I'd like to be during the next decade. Laid out like that with sentences and commas and periods, it seems a little scattershot and transitionless, and maybe it was in places. I have learned new things about the world, about my place in it, and about me and how my brain works. I created the person I thought I wanted to be, for good or ill, and now I think it's time to start over again. Maybe not completely, maybe not entirely, but there are some things I chose to become that I find don't fit the way I thought they would now that I'm wearing them.

But that's a post for tomorrow and a new decade. Happy New Year, all! May those who have struggled through 2009 find something better in 2010, and may those who succeeded in 2009 continue to do so as we enter the next chapter of the 21st century.

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Today I saw both:

A) a man wearing no less than five scarves, and
B) a man wearing shorts.

Canada is sometimes a strange place.

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I feel as thought it's been a while since I did a meme. Therefore here is the first sentence of my first entry from every month last year (otherwise known as That Meme Everyone Else Is Doing).

2009 in summary via first sentences )

2009 was, over all, pretty good to me, what with the new job, moving into the Charming Apartment of Win, and adopting Velcro-Cat. I certainly posted more in 2009 than I ever have before, that's for sure.

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And, as of this evening, I am fairly certain I'm officially almost not sick anymore. Still got a little cough, but I am a fair ways down the road of recovery.

I have been sick since Saturday, and apparently I'm not the only one. Several coworkers are also out sick, one with a confirmed case of H1N1 flu which sounds exactly like what I had. As it turns out, in most cases H1N1 is just another flu bug which is somewhat surprising given all the hoopla about it. Three days off work, though. Not fun days, either. They're mostly a blur of sick and coughing and lots of sleeping. Today is the first day since Sunday I've been awake for longer than four hours at a time.

Spooktacular at Fort Edmonton Park came and went this weekend, and except for the fact that I was already far along the road of hella-sick on Saturday it all went very well. Our scenario, in which I skinned a werewolf alive and held aloft the skinned piece of fur still dripping with blood for all to see, was apparently very popular and very efficient, which is just about as close to an A+ as we can get so hurray for us. I can't really comment on the other scenarios because I didn't get to see them, being mostly concerned about my own.

So. That's roughly one half of my Halloween fun finished for this year, with some unexpected sick in between. I have no idea how things are going for work Halloween fun set for Friday, given that I've been absent, but I'm sure it'll all work out. An unexpected side effect of being sick at this particular time is that I haven't finished sewing my costume for a party I'm supposed to go to on Friday, so... not sure what I'm going to do about that seeing as I definitely won't have time between now and then.

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Dear Universe:

All I wanted to do tonight was play Guild Wars. I haven't played in months, it's been a frustrating day, I had a free evening, and I just wanted to kill things.

Why of all nights did you pick tonight to make my computing life difficult. Why? Was it something I said?

Sad and forlornly re-partitioning and reinstalling everything,


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So lately I've been craving butter chicken, and instead of going to a restaurant, I thought I might try my unskilled hand at actually making it myself. So I found myself a recipe, bought all the groceries (including $25 in spices I didn't have -- thank goodness that's not something I have to do every time) and tonight I gave it a whirl.

The gravy took two attempts, but the end result is superbly delicious. I used a YouTube recipe as suggested by a foodie/cook friend of mine, which was also the reason it took two attempts. It was the sort of recipe that didn't involve any measurements, just a man saying "a little" (often while adding what I would quantify as a lot) and "add the tomatoes" or "add some butter" while scooping or sprinkling very fast. Eyeballing may be something experienced cooks can do, but the whole process was a little bit stressful (and, as mentioned above, took two tries). It turned out in the end, though, and now I have some idea of quantities of things (and that adding yogurt if I don't have enough butter or cream is a perfectly acceptable substitute) so hopefully next time it won't take me two hours. :P

This was also the first time I cooked anything really significant in the new kitchen, and boy is it hard to deal with big saucepans, lids, bowls, cutting boards, and a half dozen spices in two feet of counter space and with one sink. I'm not usually a dishes-as-I-go kind of girl, but it's absolutely necessary in this space. Also -- because sometimes I lack even an iota of common sense -- I splashed gravy everywhere and had to clean the entire side of the fridge. *facepalm* At least my $16 hand blender worked well enough.

So lunch for the rest of the week! YUM! Maybe tomorrow night I'll give the naan bread a try. I bought yeast and everything! :D

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I unexpectedly had the best Sunday almost ever.

For those curious, it did in fact involve:

A) a date,
B) a very attractive man, and
C) an afternoon that became an evening that became a late night.

I like it when life chooses not to suck and I can use my Gleeful Ten icon. \o/

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  • I have finally seen District 9! I really enjoyed it, though it was not at all what I expected (and I can't quite articulate what, exactly, it was that I expected, only that the movie I saw was not it). Spoilers )
  • I started Kung Fu yesterday. It was also not what I expected, but I really enjoyed it and have signed up for a full month of classes, three times a week for an hour at a time. The movements are minimalist, close to the body, and kept along the centre line, which is a technic that's a bit challenging when coupled with an ample bosom, but I'm figuring it out and a couple of the women I worked with last night had some helpful tips on how to modify the movements to accommodate a larger bust. Toes are also kept turned in throughout the stances, which goes against every piece of dance training I've ever had and puts a foreign stress on my ankles and knees. I managed to get paired with several very helpful people of varying belt levels who were gracious with their time and experience and helped out with the learning curve and first-class-don't-know-anything jitters, though, and came out of the class feeling very positive about it and actually retained some of the rapid-fire content.
  • I have tweeted like crazy the last couple of days. I feel like a spammer. :P
  • I have a haircut scheduled for Thursday, but am unsure what I want. I'm not sure whether I want to keep maintaining the cut I have or start the grow-out process officially ('cause it can't get much shorter, and I'm not ready to try bald just yet) and just trim the bits that could get mullet-like while I'm growing it out. Any thoughts?
  • Criminal Minds starts up next week! HODGE DON'T DIE! D:

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Erg. 4:45 am. Cannot sleep. Stupid allergies.

*grumble grumble*

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It is a Sunday afternoon. It is very, very hot.

Thus, my wonderful friends and I have decided to have a Slip'N'Slide/Sprinkler party. Because the fact that we are all in our late 20s should not deter us from being awesome. :D

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  • Whoa, it is already Wednesday and I'm still tired from the weekend. I blame wine and Dangerbell for the lack of sleep on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

  • Manager is back today from holidays, and I am grateful to hand the rudder back to him after a two hours of catch-up on the happenings of the last week and a half. I did receive kudos for negotiating a less insane process in the Compliance Issue we're dealing with, though, so hurray for me. :D

  • So many wacky things to take care of at work, and somehow many of them are ending up on my list. I may have to start delegating some other stuff to some other people. This would be much easier to do if I was the boss of purchasing.

  • Dumb Buyer at work is driving me mad, people. COMPLETELY MAD. I wish smacking people upside the head was an acceptable form of corporate office punishment, because all my great people skills are nothing when it comes to this guy. This meeting, we have had it at least six times in the past three months. I always do what I said I'll do and he... does not. *CHELLE SMASH*

  • The rest of this week and the weekend are already full to bursting with stuff to do, and that's before I fit all the Fringe shows I want to see into the cracks.

  • Saw "Edmond" and "Mockingbird Close" at the Fringe so far. Both were very good, and that is the extent of the review I am currently able to offer.

  • Work is taking our department to a baseball game tomorrow afternoon. I am not a fan of baseball, but I am a fan of afternoons off work. It's supposed to be a lovely day tomorrow and work is paying for lunch, so no complaints here.

  • Writing has stalled, not because of a rut but because my evenings seem to be filling themselves up very quickly. I enjoy socializing, but next week I might have to fall off the radar real-life wise and recover from the last couple of weeks.
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I love the mountains in that way I think you can only if you've lived in the midst of them.

Maybe horse-back riding tomorrow morning. Weeeeee!

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I went to the mall at lunch today to get a few more sets of apartment keys cut for family and kitty-sitters, and while I was killing time waiting for them I wandered into a store and just randomly stumbled across TWO more dresses. With seams and everything! I was so excited I bought them both before my credit card even know what the heck was happening. I now own more dresses than I ever have at one time before, but I look hot in all of them so *fistpump*. I am going to wear one to work tomorrow because now I have DRESSES TO SPARE, lol.

I also found an awesome pair of pink and black flats. Pretty things are so much cooler than money.

I have discovered Semagic. It is a wonderful thing. Why it's taken me so long to download I have no idea, but I am finally free from LJ/DW's clunky user interface and buggy WYSIWYG editor. Still fiddling with settings and options and things but I can write up posts and save them as drafts which is awesome. Now I just have to figure out how to install WINE on my Mac at home so I can use it there, too. Anyone out there have experience installing WINE? ([personal profile] christycorr, I'm looking at you.)

Wedding #2 this weekend, but I'm bringing the laptop and hoping there will be a little bit of time for writing in the mountains. I have no idea what the wireless situation will be like, though OH WAIT it doesn't matter because I've turned IPHONE TETHERING ON. My iPhone pwns all of your lesser mobile communication devices. XD
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  • My office is like a ghost town. So many people on holiday.
  • Two-weddings is one wedding too many for one month. These things are very expensive and, even when you're not in the party, suck up a lot of time. There are showers and stagettes and gifts and RSVPs and dress buying and then the actual wedding day itself. I generally have a good enough time at the showers and the stagettes -- at the one I went to on Sunday we made sushi and it was awesome -- but it's a bit draining, meeting and socializing with a load of people I don't know very well or at all at the frequency I've been doing it at this month. No more weddings until B's next summer, okay?
  • My cat is becomming a big bed hog. Given one human-sized creature and one cat-sized creature, I would expect they would occupy a proportional ratio of space each. As it turns out the inverse ratio rules supreme here. The things no one thinks to tell you before you venture into cat ownership. He also keeps trying to sleep on my back and meows crankily at me when I shake him off.
  • I woke up unusually early this morning, so I watched last night's True Blood and had a leisurely breakfast. I may be a little bit in love with Godric. And Eric's... Ericness... continues to amuse and delight me. I also may ship Bill/Jason now.
  • Um, I'm going to need a Doctor Who beta in the next week or so if my writing pace keeps up as it has been. Any takers? I need someone to tell me whether or not I'm writing Ten at all correctly.
  • Am finishing up the Five Things meme. Anyone want to add anything to it before I post?

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I don't know if it was all the sun I got on Monday or what, but yesterday I had one of the worst headaches I have ever experienced. I don't get them very often and they always take me a bit by surprise. I spent most of my day yesterday knocked out on extra strength pain killers.

In other news, for the last month or so I've been keeping track of all the books I've read in this post dated January 1, 2009. Mostly for myself as a place to refer to when people ask me for book recommendations or when I'm trying to remember if I have or haven't read a particular book. I'm adding brief personal reviews/thoughts to help jog my memory about the content of each one. I thought maybe some of you guys might be interested to see what I've been reading.

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Wedding! Family visiting from out of town! Bathroom cleaned! Two trips to Ikea! Contracted to build a staircase out of cardboard in six days for a Fringe show! Horse races! Leonardo da Vinci exhibits! Broken vacuum cleaners! Sunburns! Backyard BBQs! Bicycle rides!

My extra long weekend was extra busy. Good thing I had two extra days to cram it all into. This week was looking pretty light until I got called to build a (non-practical) staircase out of cardboard by Friday. I went to see a run through of the show tonight (it's a really awesome two-person show, actually; a sort of urban fairy-tale for adults with really neat movement, character hand-offs, and narration) and am going to build a little scale model out of graph paper tomorrow night. Hurray theatre work!

Poor kitty hasn't seen much of me this weekend, and he's pretty disgruntled about it. When I left earlier tonight to drop my sister's exchanged Ikea items off, he looked at me with mild Don't-Leave-Me-Again panic in his eyes. So we're going to cuddle on the sofa and watch True Blood before bed. If I can extract him from around my leg long enough to make it from the computer desk to the sofa that is. :D

ETA: I just downloaded the photos from the weekend off my camera and obviously I still haven't learned my lesson when it comes to leaving my camera unattended with my friend J. I don't even know what some of those photos are of and I'm sure I don't want to know.

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Why hello there extra long weekend! WOOT!

I just got back from seeing Sister and her boyfriend's shiny new house! They got possession today and the parents and I went over to scout the place out while the cleaning crew did there thing. They have a very nice backyard that I'm a little bit jealous of (though I'm absolutely not jealous of the fact they'll have to do things like mow the lawn -- SUCKERS!) and the house is small but a good size for the two of them. The previous owner had a bit of a thing for ceiling fans, because there is one in every single room and they are all different. They were also growing a very nice weed garden in the front flower box, so we went to work pulling all those out. My back hurts more than usual, but it's that good I-was-working-hard hurt.

Have I mentioned before that this wonderful new apartment of mine has a luxuriously deep soaker tub? Bath, here I come!

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Coworkers brought in almost an entire candy store today. I predict shenanigans as my office ascends into the nirvana otherwise known as the sugar high.

I've got two weddings to go to in August so the last two weeks have largely been spent searching for something suitable to wear. Altogether I've spent around 30 hours shopping and today at lunch finally managed to find something that fit. AND not only did it fit, which is a miracle in and of itself, but it also looks nice. WHOA.

I spent all day Saturday at one of the largest indoor shopping malls in the world and didn't find a single thing that I could wear, and I'm not exaggerating at all. I get that I'm a highly unusual body type what with my extreme hourglass shape combined with my height, but one would think somewhere in the six million square feet of WEM there would be something that fit me, especially since I was searching without a cap on my budget. If I'd found something for $200 I'd have bought it. I must have tried on over sixty dresses, and not one of them was even within a tailor's ballpark of being wearable. It really took the wind out of my sails on Saturday.

Go ahead and roll your eyes at my whining if you like. I get it all the time. People would kill for my figure and that's fine, you can fucking have it. My curves may be coveted and photoshopped into ads and video games and comic books, but I'm sick of being glorified and idealized and sensationalized, and then having people tut-tut me and tell me how fucking lucky I am when I talk about the constant back pain caused by carrying a couple of 32G breasts around all day and the frustration of not being able to find a blouse/tank top/t-shirt/other top/dress that even sort-of-kind-of fits in a world that assumes a B or C cup. The cognative dissonance of knowing my body is an object of envy and lust colliding in the fitting room with the feeling that my shape is freakishly irregular and inconceivably off proportion makes me want to scream.

Tailoring isn't an option. Going up enough sizes to accommodate for my chest leaves the arm holes and shoulders drooping somewhere around my elbows. Take it from someone who's done some tailoring in her day, that isn't something you can fix. The reality is it would be ten times easier for me to find clothes that fit if I gained 80 pounds. What a delightful option that is.

Right now especially the trends are killing me. Everything has seams meant to fall under the bust, and on me they typically fall around nipple height; how very attractive. I can't wear halters, strapless dresses, spaghetti-straps, or anything with an open back because not even the expensive European designers make strapless bras that actually support me (believe me, I've tried on enough of them to know), and the straps on bras that come in my size are an inch wide or wider. And any of those mod-style dresses hide the one thing I'm supposed to be highlighting: my curves. How gloriously frumpy.

Anyway, I suppose all that doesn't matter because at the end of it all I did find something, but surgery next year cannot come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. I dream of days without back pain and summer shopping for flirty dresses and bras that cost less than $150.

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Dear guy:

It is almost midnight on a school night. At this point, either play loud music OR have your window open. NOT BOTH.



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Hey Edmonton!

We're a trending topic on Twitter!

Big storm. Lots of wind and thunder and crazy lightning and massive hail. I got soaked running to my car, and then had nothing to clean the water off my glasses with which made driving a little difficult.

Whyte Avenue is apparently still without power. I'm sure that's put a damper on many people's Saturday night plans.

The wind was pretty incredible. Reminiscent of the Tornado of '87. There are trees and tree-bits down all over the place. Apparently a couple of semi-trucks flipped on the East end, and parts of the old CNN tower collapsed on a couple of cars. I've also heard reports of a pedway down somewhere downtown, but I haven't been able to confirm that.

All's quiet now, though.


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