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I spent an enjoyable evening catching up on the last five episodes of Bones that I hadn't seen yet, and have the following things to say:

I Should Probably Be Nice And Cut For Spoilers )

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I just finished watching the Christmas Bones where Bones and Booth are investigating the death of Kristopher Kringle and Zach wears the BEST SWEATER EVER and Bones and Booth smoochie-smoochie under the mistletoe in what may be television's second most awkward kiss ever, second only to the Cordelia/Weasley special at the end of the third season of Buffy.

While generally I don't approve of this kind of Christmas leakage, I shall bite my bah humbug tongue in this one instance, but only because this episode made me laugh out loud several times in one hour.

You remember right around this time last year I was talking about buying a mattress? Well, it only took eleven months, but I finally got around to shelling out the cash for a new mattress, which should be delivered tomorrow. *celebrates* I am very much looking forward to a cushy, comfy night's sleep on my own bed tomorrow night, and that combined with the new (and expensive) chair I'll be getting at work in the next two weeks should help ease some of my lately persistent back pain. I'll give my work one thing -- they deliver a hell of a discount.

Winter is here, my peeps. There is snow, and it's only just begun to get cold. I've already got puddles forming on my shoe-matt, and it's only been a couple of days. I haven't had to plug my car in yet, but I need to start paying attention to the general forcast so I know when I should and when I don't have to. Bother.



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