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By doing this in my own journal instead of in [profile] penny_lane_42's comments I'm probably turning this into a meme, but it's kind of awesome and I think deserving of meme status.

The idea is that we all watch different shows, even when we all watch the same ones. BtVS and Joss fan [profile] penny_lane_42 posted about the shows she's watching, and got my thinking about the ones I watch.

When it looked like I was watching Gargoyles I was actually watching Blond, Bland Gentlemen Have More Fun Serving Amoral Megalomaniacs, and The Magnificent Seven was absolutely The Con Man with a Soft, Mushy Centre he Resents.

What appeared to be a book about a boy named Harry Potter was in fact The Baggage of Severus Snape and A Werewolf Tries Very Hard Not To Be Happy, For Everyone Else's Sake. The last could of books were also Dumbledore Plays Wizard Chess and You Are All His Pieces.

From the beginning, The West Wing was Lemon Lyman and his Quirkily Brilliant and Impervious Assistant Fall In Love with the occasional CJ Is Awesomer Than Pretty Much Everybody, Bitter, Angry, Sad Toby Tries to Save the World with Words, and Jed and Leo: It's Good Friends Who Keep Us Sane spinoffs. The first two seasons are definitely Dialogue That Plays Like Music, and that show was the first one that made me realize dialogue can be just as flexible and brilliant and god-damn evocative as narration.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was primarily I Love Allegory and Metaphor Like You Cannot Even Believe and Important Stories in Dark Places. Season Two became A Librarian Was Not How I Thought I'd End Up, But Somewhere Where I Was Always Headed, while Season Three was The Mayor and Faith Need Each Other, and Are Good People Gone Astray, Really. Season Four was, to my surprise, mostly When Did Xander Become So God Damn Brilliant, and Why Didn't I Notice Until Now?. Season Five was definitely My Sister is More Important than the World Entire, and That Is Just Fact so Live With It, and Season Six I watched Buffy Learns to Feel Again after getting Really Good at Not. In the end, it turned out I was also watching A Girl Who Forgets How To Be a Girl Because she Has To Be a Man the whole time.

When I watched Doctor Who with David Tennant I was watching The Loneliest Man in the Universe Searches for Distraction That Usually Makes it Worse. When Season Four started it absolutely became Donna is Awesome and the Doctor Needs Her More Than Anyone Else in the Universe. I also admit to watching the Unashamed Sci Fi Crack is Cracktastic Win show on a regular basis and loving it the most.

Torchwood was mostly Torchwood Makes Everything Worse, But In a Good and Often Hilarious Way but also sometimes Sex and Love and All the Awkward, Strange, Niggly Spaces In Between Make Us Human. CoE was, by and large, Gwen Finds Her Awesome.

I watch Criminal Minds for Garcia Is My Hero In All Ways, but also for Women, Even When They're Victims, Are Not Just Victims and Playing With Gender Roles and Identities in Smart Ways.

Dollhouse started out as Victor and Sierra and Nothing Else Matters, but then suddenly and wonderfully became Topher Doesn't Want to Hurt Anyone Else But Can't Help It Because That's Who He Is.

There are others, of course. I could go on forever, but these are the ones that leap immediately to mind. What shows within shows have you watched? What tinted glasses do you wear when you watch or listen or read the stories you do? I'm intrigued by this discussion and by discovering other people's points of view.

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I definitely made sure I was home last night by 10, so that I could watch what would be the thrilling second half of a To-Be-Continued Criminal Minds. When we last left our heroes, Dr. Reed was in the clutches of a crazed split-personality Bible-Boy who had a gun to his head, the blond chick was about to be attacked by dogs looking to fill up even more on people parts, and the rest of the wild 'n' crazy crew had just figured it out and were on the way to rescue 'em.


Apparently, there were "production difficulties" which is network speak for something breaking, and they aired an older one instead. The second part will - apparently - air on Sunday, which means when I have people over, we will all have to stop doing stuff so I can see what happens to poor, brilliant Dr. Reed. There will be an hour break in the middle of cards. It cannot - will not - be avoided.

Poor Dr. Reed. He's in some pre-torture limbo. That terrible space of time where you're not being tortured just yet, but you know there is torture in your very near future. It's hard not to think about. He's so cute. I'm secretly a little bit in love with him, but just a little bit. He would be terribly fun to tease. And hug.

I always laugh to myself when he draws his gun and joins in the assault. It seems... off. Like if they called Garcia to get a location and she pulled a plastic globe out of her desk. Dr. Reed's the smart one. He doesn't, you know, do stuff, he just says stuff and other people do the actual doing of the stuff. Yet, there's his gun, hanging off his belt every episode. I feel as though it should be a carefully holstered book of Freud or something. Maybe he could have Immeasurable Brain Power Ray! At least the gun has the good graces to look decidedly awkward on him.

Hey, there's a Darryl out there... *waves* I was all like, oh look, a new comment ... ho hum ... peanut what? It's funny how many people apparently read this who I never thought would read this. There's still a few unknowns lurking out there, from Toronto. *waves less enthusiastically* Lurkers make me nervous when I don't know who they are... blog stalkers. *eyes the shadows suspiciouslyand leaping into ninja-defense pose*



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