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I'm actively trying not to make all of my drabbles so angsty and heavy, but fluffy, lighter drabbles are much more difficult.  Lily and James, however, are always a good place to start.  Her Men is a little snapshot of James as a father, and a reminder that every man has a little softness in him, somewhere.

You know, once upon a time I was very much not a shipper of any kind.  And then I allowed myself to get swept away with the Josh/Donna ship in the West Wing fandom because, really, there have never been a pair better suited than Josh and Donna.  I tried to write some other woman into Josh's life at one point, just to amuse myself, but no one would hold and what I ended up with was Susan Burgey and the Susan-verse (which I am thankful for, because I really like this little series of three stories about friendship), because no matter how hard you try, you just can't rock the Josh/Donna boat.  I mean, the writers tried with Amy, and failed miserably because it was apparent to everyone (including Amy) that Josh was completely in love with Donna and had been from the moment she randomly answered his phone during the campaign.

Now, I find myself feeling much the same way about James and Lily.  I feel that James and Lily might just be Josh and Donna in a different time, place, and situation.  Instead of being Josh the Master Politician, James is the Boy Who Did Everything Well.  And I think of Lily being very similar in a lot of ways to Donna... I think if I ever wrote something extended with these two characters, that I would probably base them loosely off Josh and Donna.  I really do love James and Lily.  I'm not sure about all this OTP nonsense, but I think I'm on the boat with the James/Lily ship.  I can't see one without the other.

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I like it when I'm just sitting at my desk at work and BAM!  Drabble.  Just drops in your lap out of the sky.  The Weakness of Steel, like most drabbles, started out as a single line and built itself a home in the way Remus dealt with the death of Sirius. 

I'm having some difficulty with my muses right now.  Typically, I have to poke and prod them in order to get anything done, but right now they're all clammering for some attention like an off-key chorus.  I'm going to have to pick one, and trust the rest to sit tight and wait, but my muses are notoriously forgetful with short attention spans so I feel as thought picking just one is akin to sending the other to the plot bunny hutch in the sky.
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It was a refreshingly no-so-frantic day at work today (followed, inevitably, by an evening that kicked my ass and took some names, but pre-Fringe time I'll take what I can get) so I took the opportunity to jot down a few more drabbles for Moments Worth 100 Words.  So close to a quarter of the way to 100 I could get excited if I wasn't so sleepy.

So we have Well Played, a brief foray into Albus Dumbledore inspired by the DH revelation that he is a bit of a manipulative git despite the whimsical exterior, and The Other Gryffindor Boy, which is a look at the beginning of the end for the Marauders.

Blast.  Another late night.  Curses and damnation.  I would trade a smallish-sized kingdom for a decent 8 hours of sleep right about now.  Maybe even an averaged-sized kingdom.


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