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Grown-up jobs take so much effort. Blarg. I swear, if I don't get a job at the Citadel, I will have to burn the place down just to justify the time I've spent harassing people about it. Plus, you know, I'll probably cry a whole lot too, but the pretty fire will be fun.

I wonder how long it will take me to feel as though I've properly caught up on all the sleep I missed out on over the last year?

I am still alive. Between work at the Bowling Alley and all manner of reading, I am still alive and well, if in a somewhat reclusive state. I get to spend seven hours sitting in the sun on a golf course tomorrow and get paid for it. I hope there is sun. I imagine if there is rain, it will probably be canceled, but I hope it's painfully hot and I get my first (and likely only) sunburn of the year. It's an important tradition.

I ran flys at the Arden for the finale of the Children's Festival. My shoulders hurt somewhat more than I expected. The main drape is a hefty drape indeed. Also, there are blisters. But at seventeen dollars an hour, I'm not really complaining.

Greg, I watched Firefly. You can't ever have it back. It's mine now. Holy freaking awesome. I'm watching it again. There may even be a third watching. Stay tuned. Joss is my God. Seriously, there should be a church of Joss Whedon, 'cause the man is just that fantastical. If I ever see him I will perform Operation Velcro Child to his leg and never let go.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue reading my book and relax a bit before Chorus practice tonight. I hope I suck less.



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