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New Who Trailer for Waters of Mars. _thirty2flavors already posted this, but if we're going to spam you at least it's Who-spam, right?

Trailer & Christmas Special casting spoilers behind the cut )

I have also made an icon just now, thanks to some highly subliminal suggestions.

spacesuit up icon

Use it as you will.

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Seriously. I really tried to just make a note of the idea and wait for some time when I had extra cycles to make more icons, but sometimes these things can't be stopped.

This is probably way funnier to me than it is to anyone else. Forgive me.

I'm done now. *leaves giggling to herself*

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Surely by now everyone knows there's been a ruling in the Lexicon Case.  Seems the judge believes there's too much verbatim for it to qualify as a truly transformative, fair-use work.  Fair enough.  I wonder if RDR books will tuck their tail between their legs and go home beat or if they'll appeal?  Only time will tell I suppose.

Not a good day to be Steve Vander Ark, I would guess.

I've doodled a couple more icons, because what the heck else am I gonna do on a Monday night after a busy weekend?.


Grabbed some seriously excellent fonts from Font Garden while making these tonight.  Well worth the hour it took me to go through them all. 

Swipe if you like, point and laugh if you don't.  *winks*

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It appears I have made Doctor Who icons.  I have some more in the works, but they take bloody forever to make 'cause I'm out of practice and just plain slow.  Gosh, the last time I randomly mucked about in Photoshop like this was ages ago.  Whazzit-- what's this pen tool do again? OMG how do I load new brushes?!? 

There are few things more embarrassing than having to look up a tutorial for something you could once do in your sleep.  That part of my brain is rusty and dusty.

sex in glasses  i am sex in glasses  pouty face  brainy specs  bleep bleep

There will likely be more sometime Monday-ish if the number of ideas on post-its left cluttering my desk is any indication.  Steal if you fancy.


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I've made some icons.  Not, you know, lots.  But I kinda think they're funny, so go team me.  It could be just that I've finally found a way of getting around the DVD protection that makes it hard to get screen caps, and now I'm no longer limited to what I can find on the web.  Hurrah!

bellawibble umbridge joygasm voldy fierce

I don't really know why I like villains so much, but there you go.  Steal if you like.  There may or may not be more someday.


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