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  • I have finally seen District 9! I really enjoyed it, though it was not at all what I expected (and I can't quite articulate what, exactly, it was that I expected, only that the movie I saw was not it). Spoilers )
  • I started Kung Fu yesterday. It was also not what I expected, but I really enjoyed it and have signed up for a full month of classes, three times a week for an hour at a time. The movements are minimalist, close to the body, and kept along the centre line, which is a technic that's a bit challenging when coupled with an ample bosom, but I'm figuring it out and a couple of the women I worked with last night had some helpful tips on how to modify the movements to accommodate a larger bust. Toes are also kept turned in throughout the stances, which goes against every piece of dance training I've ever had and puts a foreign stress on my ankles and knees. I managed to get paired with several very helpful people of varying belt levels who were gracious with their time and experience and helped out with the learning curve and first-class-don't-know-anything jitters, though, and came out of the class feeling very positive about it and actually retained some of the rapid-fire content.
  • I have tweeted like crazy the last couple of days. I feel like a spammer. :P
  • I have a haircut scheduled for Thursday, but am unsure what I want. I'm not sure whether I want to keep maintaining the cut I have or start the grow-out process officially ('cause it can't get much shorter, and I'm not ready to try bald just yet) and just trim the bits that could get mullet-like while I'm growing it out. Any thoughts?
  • Criminal Minds starts up next week! HODGE DON'T DIE! D:

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I know it's technically the day after the day after, but let's not split hairs. :D

The good stuff! (Yes! There was good stuff! Haters to the left and all that!)

MMMmmm... Spoilers )

My last note? I'm so glad the costume designer got over her obsession for stripes that plagued OotP. FOR SERIOUS GUYS, GO BACK AND WATCH IT. THE STRIPES, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! IT DRIVES ME MAAAAAAAAAD. It's like someone had a half-off anything striped sale and the wardrobe department bought EVERYTHING THEY HAD.

Next up! Working on a post predicting the cuts they'll make in the DH movie based on Kloves' style, rumours, confirmed stuff, and what they've cut/changed so far.
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Three hours of sleep FTW! Oh Potter, the things I do for you and almost no one else.

(Okay, wow. This got long fast, and I'm not done yet. Many more comments to make, but I think this is long enough to be going on with right now. I'm going to break this up into two posts, otherwise for sure no one will read it. This post contains most of my major criticisms of the movie, and the second will include more of the positives/squee-worthy stuff, though they do cross over a bit. I had no idea I had this much to say.)

Spoilers )

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HBP Movie Spoilers )

Me tired. Go to bed now. Talk Potter tomorrow. *snores*

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Remind me never to give a landlord my vacancy notice unless I FOR SURE NO DOUBTS have a place next time I get it into my head I should move. For serious, I am sometimes stupid. *headdesk*

I'm 90% sure I will get the apartment I want. I may have to pay the daily rate at my building for 10 days into June because the other place may not be available until then, but I'm pretty sure it will all be okay.

However, I am not foolish enough to be without contingency plans, so I've spent the vast majority of this weekend looking at apartments, and have come to the following conclusions:

1) People who want gigantic bedrooms are crazy. All you do in there is sleep and maybe get dressed. What do you need all that space for, really? The ratio of bedroom space to living room space in apartments is seriously out of wack.

2) All of the bathroom fixtures in all of the apartments in Edmonton except for mine were apparently installed thirty years ago because they're all that brown/green colour that was trendy for some unknown reason. WTF?

3) Skeezy areas tempt me with their cheapness, but scare me with their skeeziness. I am ignoring all listings and buildings anywhere in Queen Mary Park, Central McDougal, and along the entire length of 118th Avenue. Also anything within a 20 block radius of Stony Plain Road and 156th Street, because I went to school there and I know I don't want to live there.

Star Trek!

Because of all this apartment chaos, I never got the chance to write very much about the new flick other than IS AWESOME.

Spoilers after the jump! ) 

So, yes. Star Trek was awesome and not at all disappointing, which you all probably already knew.

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Went to see Star Trek tonight.

It's as awesome as everyone says it is. Go see it.

More comprehensive review coming soon, probably tomorrow. Am tired now from walk in rain back from theatre and it is past my bedtime.

Also, my feet are cold.

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Like so many others this weekend, I took in the latest of the X-Men franchise, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I'll level with you: I went into this movie with really only one requirement, which was that I'd get to see some more of Jackman's fine, fine behind, which the film delivered. Aside from pure objectification, I went in without too many expectations.

That was probably a good thing. Friends of mine who went in hoping for the moon exited the theatre frothing at the mouth.

As summer blockbusters go, this one was sort of meh. Not extraordinarily good, but not Daredevil-esque bad. It lies firmly in that category of movies where one doesn't regret paying the twelve dollars per se, but neither would someone who waits for the DVD regret not paying the twelve dollars.

Spoilers Within )

Having said all that, I still can't work up enough passion to really care all that much. The movie was okay, has received okay reviews, and will probably go on to make okay amounts of money. A pretty ho-hum way to start the season, all told. Fortunately, Star Trek is close on its heels, and that's one I've got really high hopes for, especially after reading the early reviews.

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So I saw Watchmen five or six days ago.

And was not, over all, very impressed. Spoilers within. )

In closing, there was very little to redeem Watchmen in my eyes, yet I left the theatre confounded by friends who seemed to think it was just brilliant in every way. I'm sorry, what? Did we just see the same film? Did you see that random purple tiger with horns? Did I just fall asleep and dream the last three hours?

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For some reason, the women's bathroom at my office smells very strongly of mint today.  And I mean very; the second you walk in, it's like being hit in the face with a menthol pillow.  Instantly clear sinuses.

Last night I went with Sister and my Mom to see Nights in Rodanthe.  It was good in that predictable, formulated, romantic-drama kind of way.  Not particularly exceptional or particularly memorable, it suffered from sentimental story syndrome, glaringly artificial dialogue, and unimaginative editing that frequently drew out lineless scenes way beyond their artistic merit or usefulness.  The plot, from it's broadest structure to its smallest details, felt forced and contrived, and the characters were definitely flatter than they could be.  Gere and Lane did their best with what they'd been given, but their talent wasn't quite enough to make up for the poor writing, directing and editing of this flick.  I enjoyed it the same way shippers enjoy mediocre fanfiction about their pairing of choice; there was enough there to keep me interested and engaged until the end, but it lacked that certain professional polish and punch one expects of published works.  Good enough, but not great.

Today is FAQ day at work, meaning I'm spending most of the day writing FAQs for our new website.  I am fast discovering that FAQ pages are much more interesting to write when I'm allowed to be informal and funny, and that it's more difficult than I thought to reduce pages and pages of legalise policy to three or four easy-to-understand sentences.  Hmm....

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There tends to be this point of any major project, where you've made it through one flurry of chaotic-too-much and are left standing in the comparative calm, staring out at a horizon of the chaotic-yet-to-come. There's certainly nothing you can do to stop it, and probably nothing you can do to prepare for it; it's too early to brace yourself for the impact and too late to bother making a run for it. You just sort of stand there, watching it roll steadily toward you, wondering if you've got another three months worth of go-go-GO left in you.

It doesn't help that work is the very last thing I want to be concentrating on right now.

It's halfway through posting for [community profile] femgenficathon , and I confess I'm still at a bit of a loss for my prompt. Not because it isn't a good prompt (it's an excellent prompt) but because every worthwhile idea it sparks is, A) not about a female character, B) not about a canon character, or C) not really gen enough to qualify. *buries head in hands*

I did go see Mamma Mia last week, and in general it was wonderful. Pierce Brosnan was the worst possible pick for the lead male role; he couldn't sing or dance to save his life, he never appeared to be into the role at all, and he generally just looked old, tired, and worn out. The killer combination of Meryl Streep, Julie Walters, and Christine Baranski as Donna, Rosie and Tanya was well worth the price of admission, though, and the enthusiasm the three of them brought to their roles was palpable. I only hope I'm as excited to see my girlfriends when I'm that age. The always squeeful Colin Firth was everything I wanted him to be, and even if he didn't sing and dance as much as I was hoping he would, the wet shirt scene and neon spandex credits made up for that and then some. And, you know, ABBA! *is a dancing queen*

My Mamma Mia experience was, however, marred by the two older (probably around 65 years old) women sitting behind me, one of which spent the majority of the two hours kicking the back of my chair like a five-year-old, and the other who wouldn't shut up and yapped to her friend throughout the entire film at a volume that probably carried through several rows of patrons. I'm also fairly certain there was a young girl in that same row a few seats down who was singing along with every song. All in all, not the best of all possible movie-theatre nights, but at least I was spared the drama of the Sex and the City fiasco.

Is anyone else's LJ rich-text editor going all bananas?  Mine no longer accepts links properly, and I have to go into the HTML and do them all manually.  I know how to just fine, but it's just annoying.  It also frequently summarily deletes random portions of my post when I flip between the rich-text and HTML editors.  *is annoyed*

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So, after unsuccessfully trying to navigate the tumultuous waters of other people's busy schedules, I grabbed the first available friend I could find and went on Sunday to see Dark Knight.  The unspoilery opinion is that I enjoyed it thoroughly, but not in the way I expected to.  To understand what I mean by that, you'll have to go beyond the cut, where the spoilers live.

I have only one further question about this movie to pose to the interwebs in general, and it is this:

Why -- why -- was the mayor wearing such thick black eyeliner and mascara?  Why?

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As per the rules of the meme, I cannot post until all the letters are assigned topics, and we still have 13 10 8 6 5 letters left as yet untopic-ed.  So get topic-ing.  (Huzzah for suffix-abuse!)

I did see Sex and the City on Friday night, and not knowing too terribly much about the franchise as a whole, I have to say the movie did for me everything I hoped it would, which was to deliver 2+ hours of designer label clothing, purse, and shoe porn.  There were even some unexpected but appreciated gratuitous hat scenes, as well as a shiny-wonderful walk-in closet that made me all warm and fuzzy inside.  I practically needed a cigarette by the time the credits started to role.

There was some pre-movie drama with the group of girls I went to the theatre with, but I suppose that's expected when 500 16-25 year-old females are crammed into a tiny space with only four or five males that have no hope of balancing out the extreme amounts of estrogen.  There was seat-saving.  There was seat-stealing.  There was catty-talk and some girls almost got kicked out.  In the end, cooler heads prevailed and lesser seats were taken by those who had been wronged in an effort to ensure no one had their tires slashed at the end of the night.  Now don't get me wrong, I love females and being female and interacting with females, but, sometimes, girls are just... ugh.

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True to my word, I did see Prince Caspian last night.

Now before I get my ramble on, I thought it might be good to let y'all know that I've never actually read this book, or any other book in the Narnia series besides The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, so I can't compare it to the original source material.  Why haven't I read it?  No good reason, really... just never got around to it, and I'll admit that the Narnia universe never quite captured my imagination as a kid to the same extent other things did.

The Spoil-Me-Not version is that I thought it was smashing, and in a lot of ways I liked it even more than The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Spoil Me! )

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I realized yesterday during one of many epic conference calls at work that I've started to adopt corporate culture phrases, like "level set" and "hill climb".  I've started speaking the language, and while there are some benefits to be had of the fitting-in variety, the word I really want to use to describe this development is "ugh".

It seems most of y'all think my handwriting is nifty-looking.  o_O  It is a bit unique, I'll give it that.

I'm still eye-rolling through Twilight -- mockery is a fun way to spend my breaks, and offers some relief from the never-ending nightmare that is my life on speaker-phone this week; the gratuitous narration and love-angst practically oozes off my screen.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate how much I hate speaker-phones.  Really, really hate.  The sort of hate that tightens in on itself and pressurizes until it implodes and creates a black-hole of loathing that sucks in other unsuspecting things as they innocently wander by.  I hold a similarly compounded spite for celery.  

In other news, I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this weekend, and my non-spoilery opinion of it is that it scores 4 stars for being completely consumable and entertaining action, which I feel is 96% the point of an Indiana Jones movie.

I think we're seeing Prince Caspian tonight and Sex in the City on Friday.  At some point I might ramble a bit about Ironman, which I saw a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed, when I'm in the mood.  In the meantime, this post is quite long enough already...

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My sister called me last night in a fit of squee and for several terrifying moments I wondered who this high-pitched squealing voice on the other end of the phone was and what I had done to deserve such ear-piercing savagery. After I figured out who it was (which is no small feat with my sister, because when you ask her she just keeps saying "it's me, it's me" over and over again like that's her name or something) she breathlessly informed me that she had found The Magnificent Seven Seasons One and Two available for sale on Amazon.

Seasons One and Two!

Holy how much did I adore that show. That show that gave me oodles of tough, manly adorable cowboy-men with tortured and tangled pasts and a penchant for shooting things that made them mad. That show with Ezra and Chris and Vin and most of all Ezra. And Ezra's mother. *hugs receipt* And it's on its way to me as we speak. Sometime in the next week and a half it will arrive and I will finally get to see episodes that I never got to see in the second season because I was ranch-bound. My sister and I will huddle together on the floor (still couchless) and gaze up in rapture as the show plays out for us and we re-live the obsession.

I am shamelessly excited about this. My sister and I gabbled in high-pitched tones as I ordered them online right away. Best sixty dollars I have spent in a long time.

So. Can I just say that I'm more than a little disappointed in the latest inception of Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm getting royally tired of big-budget movies spending all their time and energy on post production and fancy-shmancy CGI and glossing over the whole writing and story-boarding process which is, arguably, the most important part of the whole ordeal. This movie was confusing. The plot was like a tangled mass of knots, many of which were abandoned haphazardly mid-way. The battle and fight sequences were by and large boring and uninspired and hampered by excessive CG effects that weren't necessary. The scope of the battles were too large and too wide and too focused on The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman instead of the characters we have invested all this frustrating time following. They presented us with two impressive armadas, then only used three ships in the actual epic battle, which makes the whole thing much less epic and more skirmishy. The rest of them just waved flags and growled a lot from the sidelines.

Jack Sparrow's existential journey in The Locker was uninspired and more awkwardly odd than either amusing or insightful. Calipso's entire storyline apparently only served to give the final battle a helluva CG storm that did nothing but make it even harder to follow the action as a viewer. Davey Jones, who in Dead Man's Chest was at least an interesting character study, is reduced to some kind of hapless henchman and his death is meaningless and completely anti-climatic. His character is completely static in this movie, like a passing villain on an episode of The Disney Afternoon. What was the point of putting him and Calipso on an intercept course if they weren't going to do anything with it? With either of them. Why was Calipso imprisoned in the first place by a bunch of crazy pirates? Why was she then released? What purpose did she actually serve in the plot other than to be walking, talking exposition and a bit of moody rain?

Why wasn't Jack's piece of nine his hat? I mean, come on obvious. He's been chasing that hat around since the beginning of the first movie... what better way to tie in this constant need to make sure he has his hat with an actual point? It should have been his hat, just like it was whats-his-name's eye. For God sakes, could Disney get nothing right?

And why the hell did Jack's versions of himself follow him out of Davey Jones' locker? I get they thought it would be funny. It was... not. It was strange and confusing and made Jack less of the character he was. The original Jack Sparrow was eccentric. This movie made him an animated caricature. Roger Rabbit in a pirate costume.

The writing and pre-conception of this movie was pitiful. I left the theatre completely unfulfilled and feeling like I'd been cheated out of eleven dollars. I don't understand how Hollywood can constantly believe that people won't notice poor writing if they put enough special effects in. People don't go to these kinds of movies just to be impressed by wacky monsters and ships circling each other in a whirlpool, they go for a good story. You've got to give them that at least or all you've got is the window dressing sitting in a heap in the middle of the room.

Spiderman and Pirates. What a disappointing beginning for this summer's lineup.



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