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Dear Curling:

Why do I start watching you?

How are you so addicting? How?

No, seriously. HOW?

I don't understand half of what goes on or 80% of what is said, and yet I am riveted.

It must be a Canada thing, yes? In the blood somehow. Like lycanthropy or something.

I can't control it. It's not my fault.



*continues to watch curling*

*does not blink*


Sep. 19th, 2009 11:39 am
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It comes again, matey!

If ye keep a weather eye on th' horizon, ye'd see the sails of that beautious ship, flyin' the colours of th' scallywag! Come forward, ye dangerous, filthy dogs! And mind ye speak true as Buccanneers ought, or this cap'n'll make you walk th' plank.

It would delight this pirate's heart fer those of true seafarin' blood would weight anchor at this port and have a view at what me and me shipmates have done. (Fer those who speak the language, inspect the French as well, fer I've heard it might even be more amusing.) An' if the wind be blowin' right an' ye feel in th' spirit, spread the word to like-minded scallywags in ports of yer own. T'was all this lass' idea and ye'd be makin' her look a fine pirate lass indeed to her capt'ns.

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Aw, Patrick Swayze passed away tonight at 57 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. D: He was one of the very first actors I had a crush on.

I'm definitely having a Ghost and Dirty Dancing night this weekend. I'm sure some of my girlie friends and Sister will come watch with me. I haven't seen Ghost in ages.

ETA Re: Puppy: No puppy tonight. ): Sister and her boyfriend continue to search for a puppy to shower with love.

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I have never seen a Bond movie the whole way through. I've seen lots of bits and pieces from basically every Bond movie, but never one from start to finish. It just sort of worked out that way. And now it seems kind of blasphemous to dare to break that tradition by watching one completely through, so now I don't on purpose. I'm sitting in my sister's computer room posting while everyone else watches Bond. I watched the first hour, and now I'm taking a break. Eventually I'll go back and watch the rest with them.

Because I am sometimes very, very strange. My friends and family tell me so regularly, though, so it's okay. :D

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Last night I had a pretty epic dream that involved me sneaking into someone's house with high-tech gear to steal a shoebox full of Crayola markers followed by a high-speed boat chase down a river and the boats had no drivers. There was also a bit somewhere that involved pinning sandwich quarters to a cork board wall, but I have no idea why it was important to the over all plot.

Over at [ profile] callmepatsy's journal, we've discovered an elegant solution to reconcile the ages in A Keen Observer with the ages in the problematic Black Family Tree. Because we are awesome.

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The teaser trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland has been released leaked early. It looks pretty awesome and very, very Burton.

If nothing else, the art direction appears breathtaking. I hope the movie turns out as creepy as I want it to be.

ETA: It looks like a leak, given how quickly Disney is trying to take the videos down. I don't know how long the embed up there will work, but if it doesn't just do a search on YouTube for "Alice in Wonderland Trailer" and sort by newest. You should be able to find one that still works.

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Apparently, I get more action in [ profile] callmepatsy's dreams than I do in A) real life and, B) my own dreams.

I also apparently get awesome presents.

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Have just discovered Gmail Tasks, and that I can access them/modify/CROSS THINGS OFF easily and quickly via my iPhone, but can also edit them via standard web browser.

Win! :D

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Holy internet explosion, batman!

1. Farrah Fawcett dies of cancer at age 62.

2. Michael Jackson dead of heart attack at age 50.

Those combined with the still very active #IranElection hashtag have proven too much for Twitter. It only took about 8 minutes for the news about Michael Jackson to be one of the top 5 trending topics on Twitter before the fail whale landed. News travels fast these days.

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This is the result of paranoia and current so-called airport and airline security. This is the sort of thing that is only going to become more common place because people are willing to give up their (and, most appalling, other people's) basic, fundamental rights to feel safer without actually being any safer.

This infuriates and confounds me, and I'm the kind of person who can see the murky grey middleground everywhere. And you know things like this happen to Arab-looking people and other minorities on airlines all the time. Apparently, we don't care. 

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Neil Gaiman calls a fan out on his entitlement issues.

He's very, very right about everything he says. As fans, we can get so wrapped up in something that we forget there are real people behind these stories with real lives and, you know, autonomy and their own ideas and stuff. I admit I was a little disappointed in some parts of the final Harry Potter book, but I hope I never came across in my criticisms of it with this kind of entitlement. If I did, I am sorry for it. This is an excellent reminder from someone on the other side of the fence.

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...this is what I'd do with it.

I know ticking face clocks annoy 99% of the population in this world of the digital, but I love them. There is no better way to fall asleep than to be lulled by the sound of time passing by one tick at a time. I used to have the best clock. The tick was enourmous and I could hear it from every part of my apartment. It sadly stopped working just before Christmas, and although I have another one, it makes hardly a tick or a tock unless you put your ear right up to it. *sadface*

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Everyone likes polls, right? *bats eyelashes*

Please use my LJ poll. I'm trying to funnel everyone to the same poll for best results and no duplication.

Thanks! Chris and I promise to use the information you provide us for good instead of evil. *grins*

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My OpenID number came up in a random draw this evening, and so I have myself a shiny-new Dreamwidth Closed Beta account. To my relief, I am afterthree over there, too. The last thing I would want is to "be" someone different on another site. I already regret having chosen the username pinstripeme in many places.

As of yet, no invite codes. I'm sure I'll get a few at some point, though as there hasn't been any discussion of Dreamwidth on my flist, I'm not sure how many of you even know about it, never mind if y'all are interested in crossing over.

My livejournal will continue to be my main home indefinitely (or until I convince all of you folk to come with), but I will be crossposting all posts to my dreamwidth account. I've also nabbed the community name paperworlds and circleofwho ([personal profile] christycorr and I have a project underway using this name, so I thought it might be useful) before open beta starts and community names start to get snatched up. I have resisted the temptation to grab others because I hate squatters just as much as the next person.

Late. Early morning tomorrow (Ikea with friends, woot!). Bed now.

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Inaugural post on Dreamwidth! Huzzah!

I've set the hoozawhatzit to import my Livejournal posts. I've heard it can take a few days. Thus, I shall wait and attempt to harness what little reserves of patience I have.

Short first Dreamwidth post, I know, but it's 2am, I have to be up in five hours, and it's really time for bed I think.

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I have finally remembered/had time to download Google Chrome at work. I had no idea the internet was that fast. *boggles*

As of yet, there is no Mac version. This is incredibly sad. Also, Chrome doesn't allow for any sort of delicious add-on, and I miss my delicious links. Other than that, I have nothing but good things to say.

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I am eternally amused by the increasingly high profile news of the Wolverine movie leak and Fox's flail-spasms over it. I only hope something like this happens with the next Twilight movie, because that would be awesome. The CG on the last Twilight movie was bad enough, I shudder to think what it might have looked like pre-production.

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Please go and read this. Right now. It's a scan, but it's 100% hilarious because it's been published as an actual book by actual publishers. Just when you thought Smeyer was as bad as it got, someone discovers yet another even larger goldmine of baldly bad writing. Edward Cullen's got nothing on this Bronwyn.

For anyone who has no idea what purple prose is, this is the purplest damn thing I have ever read in all my life. There should be an award. We should create one.

There is word that this crazy may have been intentionally crafted so. It's either really awful or complete genius. Either way, it's still hilarious.

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So I'm really, really bored right now and was mindlessly clicking around through people's journals and found this fantastic quote from [ profile] _thirty2flavors hiding in a comment thread on [ profile] bazcat89 's journal post from, like, ages ago:

"I'm trying to imagine Tennant saying the word 'tomfoolery' and it's simultaneously impossible and AWESOME."

And I really, really 100% agree with this statement.

Did I mention I was bored? Sorry about that.



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