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A shiny new Apple store opened in Edmonton this morning in conjunction with the Canadian iPad launch, and since I'm an Apple Fangirl from way, way back and missed the WEM Grand Opening a few years ago, I decided to get up early this morning and hit Southgate with some friends who were nearly vibrating with excitement to get their hands on a 3GS iPad. I scored grand opening swag in the form of an official Southgate opening Apple t-shirt.

And since we're on the topic of wearable swag,

Dear Apple:

Many of your hardcore fans are not size XL. I'm not saying you should have a complete size range to pick and choose from when it comes to free swag, but I would be more likely to wear your branded shirt in public if it didn't resemble a potatoe sack on me.

Fangirly love,


The Apple Store Grand Opening experience was definitely an experience. There were something like 30 blue-shirted and enthusiastic high-fiving Apple employees ready and waiting, and a whole lot of iPads looking for new homes. I didn't buy one, but I'm sure I will eventually. As a reference tool for meetings and presentations, I think one would be extremely useful, and I'd love to transition most of my reading to an ebook format.

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Dear Universe:

All I wanted to do tonight was play Guild Wars. I haven't played in months, it's been a frustrating day, I had a free evening, and I just wanted to kill things.

Why of all nights did you pick tonight to make my computing life difficult. Why? Was it something I said?

Sad and forlornly re-partitioning and reinstalling everything,


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Dear Mirror Vendors:

It's "beveled" not "bevelled". Not once in 36 pages of product information did you spell it correctly.

Spell check. Use it. I can show you where the button is in Word if you like.



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Dear America:

Of all the things I don't understand about you, your paranoia of public health care is at the very top of the list. Someone please explain why this scares people south of the border so damn much. I don't understand how a people who champion the right to free speech the way Americans do get all bent out of shape and outright panicy about the right to, you know, live.

Do I wish I didn't have to pay for all those idiots who smoke or drug themselves to death? Sure. But I'd pay for them all a thousand times -- a thousand thousand times -- over to keep public, social health care. Worth every penny. The Alberta government keeps trying to con us into this two-tier system and has so far been (thankfully) unsuccessful. Slightly lower taxes are absolutely not worth risking people's physical and financial well-being on something as fickle as chance.

For serious, though. I don't get it. Of all the times to cling to absolute capitalism, why here?

Confused and confounded,



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