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I think I said I'd try to get this up by the end of the week.  That was... three weeks ago?  Ah well.  How about the end of the month?

At least it didn't take as long as the last one did.  I know enough to be thankful for small things.

This one's a bit shorter than the last two.  No specific reason, other than it seemed I didn't have as much to say about this chapter.

All right.  Now I'm going to try and spend some time updating Ink and Parchment.  I'd really hate to be that person, who just abandons something they started publishing.  I really haven't been writing very much lately, though it's not for lack of inspiration.  I've got inspiration coming out the wazoo, it's just -- once again -- I don't know what to do first.

I should probably work on my Fic Exchange fic first.  My prompt is... interesting.  I'm torn between two possible outcomes, and while I feel the dramatic one would be much more interesting, something about my prompt suggests that the person who wrote it is expecting something funny, and I wouldn't want to disappoint....


Edited to Add:  Does anyone else's Livejournal randomly bold entire sections when it publishes that most definitely weren't bolded when the thing was previewed?  Seriously, it's driving me bonkers....
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I've had these notes sitting on my desk by my computer for weeks.  It's funny how the male species can monopolize so much of a girl's time and, before you know it, two months have come and gone like thatBastards.

But, at long last I've managed to find time to sit down and turn scribbled notes into some more commentary on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was no mean feat considering my handwriting is only legible for as long as I remember what it's supposed to say.  The note-taking version of my penmanship can only be described as the sort of epileptic suggestion of words, perhaps like how the drooping clocks in Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory might be real clocks if someone brought a pump over and they were fully inflated.  The shapes I create with my pen on paper when taking notes like this are more reminders of words than actual words, and when I forget what they say it all becomes mostly guesswork.  Combine that with my habit of connecting everything together with an impossible knot of arrows and boxes, and you end up with something that appears to have been drawn by a two-year-old.  Let's just say it took some time to decipher.  There are blocks of scribbles I think might have been lost forever; inevitably, those will have been the most insightful.

I'm sure the vast majority of my very small friends list will consider this another fine time to invoke tl;dr.  It's just that sometimes I like to ramble, you know.  I shudder to think what I might be like when I'm old and have an entire lifetime of experience to ramble on about.

Later this week, I hope to tackle the task of deciphering my notes on Chapter Three of Philosopher's Stone, which I made a few days after the notes on Chapter Two and have also been sitting on the desk for quite some time.  Here's hoping it's not another two month wait for the next section, or I'll be long dead before I even make it half-way through the books.
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I mentioned a few posts ago that I was thinking of re-reading the books from the beginning and posting a bit of commentary on each chapter.  Well, I decided tonight was as fine a night to start as ever, so I give you the very first installment of what appears to be an epic project in the making if the first bit is any indication.  But I am nothing if not ambitious.

It is probably worth your while to read along with me if you're considering following this foolhardy project of mine, especially if it's been a while since you've read the first book.  I'm going chapter by chapter, to keep things simple, but I'm not going to attempt to write these in a terribly formal tone, and I'm going to jump around a bit within the chapter, segways be damned.  Obviously, I'm cutting because of the length of my ramblings...

It took me much longer than I thought it would to write that all out and check the spelling and such (which is by no way a guarantee that it is all correct)... Must remember to set aside more time for the next chapter...




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