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These next two weeks are going to be insane, which is typically just the way I like 'em.

  • After much fuming and sadfacing, I finally got the iPhone 4 working. It took me a trip to Rogers and a trip back to the Apple store fifteen minutes before it closed, but finally there was triumph. It came a little too late in the evening for me to really enjoy it, though: by the time I got home it was almost 11 PM and I had to be up at 7 the next morning, so I methodically went through every app I had and re-logged on, adjusted the settings, and did everything I needed to do to make the phone usable for the next day, then promptly passed out on the sofa. At some point around 4 AM I think I woke up and stumbled to my actual bed.

    It's so much faster than the 3G I had, and the screen resolution seems impossibly sharp, almost unreal. It's a dream to use, though I do have to be careful to make sure I force quit certain apps -- like Skype -- when I'm done with them, otherwise they run in the background and drain the battery something fierce. The camera is a significant improvement over the 3G camera, and the flash works decently enough for what it is. Haven't taken much video yet (I'm not really a video person) so I can't comment much on that, but I did try out Facetime with SS last night and it was kinda neat. Still not sure how often I'd use it, but since learning that Facetime doesn't use up phone minutes (because it works over WiFi only), I may opt to use it in certain daytime situations. I'm seriously considering getting an iPhone dock for my desk at home, especially if the angle is right. I know enough people with iPhone 4s that it may actually be useful, especially if I need to talk to those people when they're out of town but still have wireless access. Way cheaper than calling long distance.

  • Went to a wedding on Saturday which was lovely and nerdtastic. There were also a number of really awesome speeches, including a couple from really excellent public speakers who clearly have a talent for timing and speech structure. The speech section was longer than usual for a wedding, but they were so engaging, funny and interesting that I didn't really notice until after everything was done and I checked the time. My Toastmasters group would have loved it.

  • I did a favour for some friends and checked in twice a day on their cat while they were in Calgary for the past long weekend, mostly because the cat has a heart condition and has to take heart medication every morning. Getting a cat to take a pill is no fun. The first day we did okay, the second day was tricky, and then the third day he was just a miserable twat about the whole thing. I think he figured out I wasn't as good at it as his proper people so he tried harder to squirm away. :/ Very frustrating business, getting pills into cat mouths that do not want any part in the process.

  • FRINGE FLAIL. So much to do, so little time. This weekend was handbill/poster/media kit chaos for the media launch that happened this morning, which was a lot of print design work and I hates print design. All the files are so damn big and everything takes 10 times longer than it does when you're working on web design. Something that should take 1 hour takes 3 because every file takes 2 minutes to open/save/close/etc. Also, my desktop computer strains under the combined stress of running multiple Illustrator and Photoshop files at the same time, which just makes the slow problem even worse. All I have left is the business card handbill which shouldn't be quite so bad because it's much smaller, and then program which is mostly words.

    Also have to build the show slides sometime before our Saturday afternoon tech, and hopefully create the sound effects, though the more complex ones can wait until after tech if they need to. We may have decided to use a different screen and projector which will save me a ton of time because then I won't have to construct anything, which would be awesome. All the more time I can spend building awesome projections! :D

  • I attended Edmonton's Heritage Days Festival for the first time ever yesterday, and I can't believe I've never been before. It's an awesome and huge event: I had no idea how massive it was, covering the entire of Hawrelak Park. And the food! *omnomnoms* I tried camel! And octopus, which I'd never had before. I will definitely be attending this festival again next summer.

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Wedding! Family visiting from out of town! Bathroom cleaned! Two trips to Ikea! Contracted to build a staircase out of cardboard in six days for a Fringe show! Horse races! Leonardo da Vinci exhibits! Broken vacuum cleaners! Sunburns! Backyard BBQs! Bicycle rides!

My extra long weekend was extra busy. Good thing I had two extra days to cram it all into. This week was looking pretty light until I got called to build a (non-practical) staircase out of cardboard by Friday. I went to see a run through of the show tonight (it's a really awesome two-person show, actually; a sort of urban fairy-tale for adults with really neat movement, character hand-offs, and narration) and am going to build a little scale model out of graph paper tomorrow night. Hurray theatre work!

Poor kitty hasn't seen much of me this weekend, and he's pretty disgruntled about it. When I left earlier tonight to drop my sister's exchanged Ikea items off, he looked at me with mild Don't-Leave-Me-Again panic in his eyes. So we're going to cuddle on the sofa and watch True Blood before bed. If I can extract him from around my leg long enough to make it from the computer desk to the sofa that is. :D

ETA: I just downloaded the photos from the weekend off my camera and obviously I still haven't learned my lesson when it comes to leaving my camera unattended with my friend J. I don't even know what some of those photos are of and I'm sure I don't want to know.

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I made my first of two annual trips to the Hawrelak Park amphitheatre on Tuesday for Edmonton's FreeWill River City Shakespeare festival. We thought we were going to catch the comedy, Comedy of Errors, but it turns out we had our days switched and Titus Andronicus was showing instead.

Titus Andronicus is one of only six or seven Shakespeare plays I've never read, and the first time I'd seen Shakespeare performed without having read the source material, which was kind of a neat experience. Pair that with excellent staging and acting, and it was one heck of a night. Quite possibly the best version of a Shakespearean play I've seen done.

The staging and blocking was really well done. Often Shakespeare can feel drawn-out because directors don't know what to do with all that talking, and an audience is left with nothing interesting to watch while they struggle following iambic pentametre. Other times there's so much disconnected blocking -- movement for movement's sake -- that it's distracting.

The action seemed very purposeful in this play. Well-directed and thought-out, driven by character motivation and -- most importantly -- what was being said. It was an extraordinarily physical show, yet almost nothing felt tacked-on or extraneous. The physical flowed with the vocal performance, and actually assisted in conveying the meaning of the complicated Shakespearean speech-patterns in many places. The fight scenes were dynamic and engaging (best knife fight I've ever seen on stage, albeit too short), and the actors who portrayed Demetrius and Chiron created the creepiest pair of villans I've seen on the stage for some time.

In a genre of theatre that generally involves more off-screen than on-screen deaths, this show embraced and pushed the most graphic elements of the plot, whether they were sexual or violent, and tied with the post-modern setting and costuming, created a marvelously creepy and sinister world. The director and the cast didn't ever let the audience off easy. Lavinia's slow and anguished slide down the main stair after her assault was extended, brutal, and uncomfortable to watch on a starkly lit stage, and her tongueless cries were agonizing to listen to. Props to the actress who played Lavinia for committing so completely to the role and the moments that she did, which carried her character arc from innocent to assault to vengeance to death seamlessly and convincingly. It was chilling to watch her stare one-by-one into the faces of Chiron and Demetrius while her father sliced their throats and the blood drained into the bowl she was holding beneath them. Like, whoa. Props also for committing to the position she landed in for what must have been an agonizing fifteen minutes after her character was killed. Not easy.

This show gets a high recommendation from me. Hopefully Comedy of Errors is similarly well-done. I'll find out when I see it next week!

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Just got recruited for a small Fringe show as an SM, which is exactly what I'd hoped for this season! Hurray for my return to independant theatre! How I have missed you in my life! As of yet I have no idea what the play is but I don't even care! Exclaimation points are happy and exclaimy!

ETA: I just realized I might not be able to do it because of a personal time conflict during the run. D:

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I bought some really delicious home-made focaccia and pita bread at the Edmonton Spring Butterdome craft sale this weekend, which is good on its own but is really good with tatziki. I ran out of the craft-sale bought tatziki pretty quickly, so I decided to make my own. I'd never made it before and heard it was pretty easy, but I had no idea how easy. I'm not sure I have the right garlic to cucumber to yogurt mix as yet, but I'm going to tweak the ratio next time and probably grate the cucumber instead of chop. I may even break out the small food processor I've never used.

My mom and I went to see The Wizard of Oz at the Citadel last night, and it was pretty good. The casting was well done, most of the singing was top-notch, the munchkin children were adorable, the dog was perfectly trained, and the design was visually very interesting. My only complaint is the same complain I have of every Bob Baker show that involves a lot of tech, which is that he doesn't seem to know how to fill those tech-heavy moments with interest to deflect from the fact that you're waiting for the tech to finish. Glinda flies in, but it takes too long for her to get to the ground, and they hold the dialogue until she does. Flying is cool, yes, but not really on its own unless there's acrobatics involved. If you're just bringing in Glinda and having her pose stiffly while you do it, why wait for the dialogue?

I like tech. I love tech. That's why I went to technical theatre school. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of good tech in this show. But sometimes it was just tech for the sake of tech, which makes it feel tacked-on. Bob Baker is having this love affair with video projection right now, which can be really cool, but it can also just as easily slow everything down. At what could have been a point of high action during the tornado, everything slowed down to accommodate a too-long video interlude while Dorothy was flipped around half-heartedly on a bed, so the whole scene fell flat and over-extended for what it was. Good tech should be fully integrated, cohesive, and above all never displace or slow the drama; if it does, it should probably be re-examined or cut.

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D'you ever get that urge to jump up and down, shake your booty and do the "I Know Something You Don't Know" dance? It's an extremely difficult dance to contain.

I really need to go pick up my package at the post office, but I have another one coming and I kind of want to wait until I hear that one's arrived, too, so I don't make two trips. But I'm starting to wonder if maybe they already did arrive together and the single notification sticker was for both. I think I should probably go pick it up today.

My sleeping pattern got thrown incredibly out of wack this weekend, and I really have no one to blame for it but myself. The plan on Saturday was to sleep in, not sleep all freakin' day. I woke up at around eleven in the morning, bummed around the house in a bathrobe for an hour or so, then decided it was high time for a luxurious nap -- just a short one, like an hour or so really. I fell asleep around twelve-thirty and didn't wake up until Brenda called me after six. *shame cloud*

Obviously, from then on in I was toast. I ended up staying up super late on Saturday, but getting enough rest on Sunday that it didn't matter and didn't go to bed on Sunday until around three in the morning. I was fairly tired on Monday because of it, and while I did manage to obtain a full and normal night's sleep last night, I'm back in catch-up mode like Sleep-o-Rama-Saturday never happened. *sigh*

I went to see The Maids by Jean Genet at the Timms yesterday, which is the show Emily is working followspot for. It was... strange. Possible one of the strangest bits of theatre I've ever seen. When it was over, I turned to Jason and went "Wha--??" but today I looked up the play on Sparknotes and -- as usual -- I did actually get most of what was going on by the end. Some of the conversations are slightly too stylized (almost purple-esque, really) and it was difficult in places to understand what was being said sentence by sentence. The set was simple but interesting, and the use of the nearly-always moving piping was quite cool. The use of the projector rocked.

So much TV starts up this week. Heroes started last night (OMG SARK!!), Bones tomorrow, CSI Thursday. I don't know when Criminal Minds starts up again, but I'm betting it's this week or next week. I also need to pay attention to the date because I want to see Triple Threat because I actually know people who got at least far enough in that they had to sign several non-disclaimer agreements, so I'm pretty pumped to see some of my Theatre Arts cohorts on TV. Also, I should find out if Greg downloaded/is still downloading Numb3rs, because I really haven't seen anything after the finale of Season 1 and I really do love that show. Really, I should just get Greg to help me set up his ingenious RSS-Download-BitTorrent thing on my computer so I don't have to constantly pester him to make copies of shows I love but inevitably miss because of theatre and never catch up on.

GAH! I forgot to bring my Shaw box AGAIN. *so cranky* At this rate I'll never get the damn thing returned.... *mumblegrumblewhine*

My sister has suckered me into helping her paint her apartment this weekend. I wonder if she'll manage to sucker Dad into helping, too? I mean, Dad hates to paint, but no one but no one has a pouty-face/nagging combo like my sister does.

And HEY! When do I get invited over the play Crib, eh? EH???

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So I saw a couple of Holdovers to complete my own personal 2007 Fringe Theatre Adventure, and figured since I took the time to talk about all the other Fringe shows I saw I should probably do the same for the two great Holdover shows...

The Power of Ignorance: OMG SO FUNNY! I'm sorry to say to all of you who could not or did not come, that for the rest of time it is likely that Jason, Emily, Greg and I will continue to regularly use our own power of ignorance (duuuuuhhh) in ways that you might not completely understand but will undoubtably make the four of us giggle madly; apologies in advance for the inside jokes. I really, really wanted to touch Vegan (oh, not like THAT, pu-lease). You know, give him a little kick with my toe, just to see. I bet he wouldn't have moved, but I wonder if he didn't have the sound tech ready with some sort of *NO TOUCHY* sound for just such an occassion... A very, very good show.

Homeless: A very real, very candid one-man show about working in a homeless shelter, and this kid managed to tell several peoples' stories in a little over an hour with unashamed honesty, including his own. A reminder that the people on the streets are still people, despite their problems, addictions, hard roads, and unlucky karma. I could not have done this job, and I respect anyone with the fortitude and strength to do it themselves. As with all one man shows, I am always impressed with the way a single actor can slip in and out of multiple chracters so believably...

So I've collected the drycleaning, returned the props and costumes to the people who were kind enough to lend them to us, distributed jpegs of the poster and promotional photos to those cast members who wanted them, and deposited my cheque. I declair my 2007 Fringe Adventure over, officially.

There's still some cleaning to do -- my apartment still looks like something wandered in and exploded -- but I've started that process and am heading into St. Albert today to do piles and piles of laundry for free at the parent's house. My parents are about to be empty-nesters, officially. My lil' sis is taking the first plunge and moving in with her boyfriend (OOOooo... scary!) at some point in the next couple of weeks, and then my parents will be all like... "bu-- oh..." It's going to be fairly cute.

Hey! I can see the back seat of my car again! That's AMAZING! Cheers to Rachel for needing a ride and forcing me to empty it out and to Greg for helping me clean it out quickly and painlessly. Also: Rachel, don't forget to register your car so you can drive it without fear of getting a ticket!

I love long weekends, but hate it when they end. At least this is a short week. I really need to start figuring out exactly when the Women's International Barbershop finals are. I know the where -- Calgary -- and know they're in October sometime, but I do really want to go and I need to get on the booking off of time for it.... Hmm... *goes to google* In the meantime, I hope everyone's long weekend was as much fun as mine. Cheers!

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Hey' ya'll!

So. The 2007 Edmonton International Fringe and the run of Back to Methuselah is finished. Over. Done. *cheers* It's nice to be able to go home at night and not have to think too hard if I don't want too. Why, the other day I just fell asleep on my sofa. Can you imagine?

I saw the following Fringe Shows over the past week:

Back to Methuselah: Obviously. It rocked. We got four stars in the Journal after a very long and anxious wait for a review, and apparently a pretty good review in See and Vue (though I never actually read them, and my knowledge of them is purely second-hand). We sold out four out of six shoes, and the other two were close enough that they might well have been. So, an all round positive experience except for the pre-Fringe week hair pulling and lack of sleep. But that's to be expected, really...

Water: A Ken Brown Show. Good -- though at times a little documentary for my tastes, but there were some great moments. They did some really cool stuff with fabric and a single large sheet of plastic. Totally cool. Greg would have liked it 'cause it was all "YAY ENVIRONMENT, GO!"

Miss April Day's School for Burgeoning Young Strippers: All right, I guess. The story was pretty interesting, and she got great reviews, but honestly I thought the execution was poor. She did some singing that was disappointing (because she really couldn't sing) and carried this chair around. I kept thinking to myself how difficult it really would have been to just have two chairs... The constant wandering was pretty distracting, and made for a lot of dead air. Meh.

Poofy Du Vey:
HaHAHA! Loved her. L-O-V-E-D her. Completely ridiculous, yet completely entertaining. The character was brilliant, and engaging, and harsh, and a little sad. She was great! I could have seen her again. If she comes back, I'm in.

Archie and Mehitable:
Ahhh... we-ell... honestly? It was done by my Grant MacEwan peeps, and so I love them for it, but after adoring Shinbone Alley for years I found this rendition to be disappointingly flat and uninspired. Boring, even. Granted, I did see the late show, but still... it's jazz music, people! Don't sing it straight, it's not meant to be sung straight!

Fish Cat Bird:
Jason's latest and greatest. I enjoyed it, and delighted extra-much in the parody because -- hell -- I work in that office. *sigh* Stuart (can't remember his last name) was fantastic in that show, and I wish the other two actors could have matched his level of caricature. But good, all the same. Work work work work work work work... *hums to self*

Jesus in Montana: A curious true story about a guy who got sucked into a Doomsday Cult. Entertaining. Not OMG good, but worth the price of a ticket I... didn't buy. *shame* It was sold out, so I snuck in and sat with the techs (whom I knew quite well) on their comfy couch at the back. *do dee do do do...*

Frappe: A strange little story about a girl who leaves her purse in a coffee shop, her ass-wipe of a boyfriend, and the barista who returns the purse. It was certainly entertaining and engaging, but I'm not sure where the writing of this one sits with me... hmm... I think I'd have to see it again. But GO LINDS for some fantastical teching skills.

Underneath the Lintel: A great one-man show about a librarian who discovers a book in the overnight return slot that has been returned over 100 years overdue, and the resulting obsession as he attempts to track down the miscreant responsible. This play went somewhere I completely did not expect, and it was very, very good. It was an hour and a half, but I hardly shifted in my metal chair I was so captivated. An excellent script acted by an excellent actor!

Beowulf: A BlakeWilliamTurner and Co. Production. *rolls eyes* It was good, though. Ryan outdid himself with some completely fantastic fight sequences, and the physicality and visuals in this show were at times completely amazing. I am constantly surprised with what good actors can do with some fabric and some sticks of wood. Wow.

I am also going to see The Power of Intention and Homeless in hold-overs later this week, and possibly Kafka's Son, but I haven't made up my mind about that one yet. I wanted to see Maggie One and Maggie Two, but it just didn't happen. Ah well.

In other news, CONGRATULATIONS LINNET on your ENGAGEMENT! Holy WOW! I'm super excited to go to your wedding out east next spring/summer! *throws rice and confetti and other assorted tiny-hard-to-clean-up things of joy* I wanna meet this guy that stole your heart and made you swoon. And, you know, to warn him that if he ever mucks it up I'll break his kneecaps, because someone's gotta say it. *gets her "big brother" on*

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Tired. One more day of no sleep left, and then I don't have to do anything but run the show. On Saturday, I plan to sleep until some ridiculous hour like three or four o'clock in the afternoon. Yes, that's right: three or four.

Poor little blog, all dejected while I'm busily doing other things. I haven't even heard from Brenda, which is partly my fault and probably partly to do with her madly trying to finish her dissertation so she can come home -- hurrah for Brenda coming home! *trumpets sound, people cheer*

Bren -- we need to make an exploding bunnies avatar. Right now. I'm not sure I'm capable of waiting.

In other news, I've started a Livejournal -- though under afterthree instead of pinstripeafter3, because I remembered that I had registered that one, like, three years ago or something and I still remembered the password! I'm going to keep both running, but the Livejournal is going to predominately be for my extra-special geekery, the stuff that most of the people who read this blog don't really care about. Things like Harry Potter and fanfiction and the like. Since joining The Unknowable Room forum, I've made a bunch of online friends, and the Livejournal thing is sort of ingrained in that community, so I buckled. It's all right, though. I have a nice little home for the uber-geek in me, and those who are likewise affected with the uber-geek symptoms can keep up with me there, while the rest of you who don't give a damn what my latest fanfiction is about can just stay here and hear about my real life. You're all welcome to friend the Livejournal, but since you've all been warned I don't want anyone giving me guff over the contents of it, you hear? I already know I'm a big dumb dork, thanks.

I am looking forward to September, and a full month of relaxing after the whirlwind of the Fringe. I swear, I had my apartment clean for a whole week, and then the sewing projects started and now it's a disaster again. Greg, I need my vacuum back tomorrow -- you shall be receiving a phone call.



Frump Free!

Jun. 1st, 2007 03:45 pm
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It took two and a half long years of growing, but this last few months I've been remembering why I cut my hair short in the first place all those years ago. Ergo the big chop-off. That, and I really wanted to find my metaphorical misplaced funk again.

It's shorter than its ever been, and I love it. The funniest part was Melissa (my stylist for those that don't know) was more terrified than I was about the cut at first until we started going in and giving it a shape, and then we both started to get super excited. It's cute and just a little bit trendy and super fast to style. Also, I'm not just stuck with one very specific style, I can play a little with it - just enough to make it fun. Oh, five minute shower how I missed you so!

In other news, I'm starting to get into pre-rehearsal work for the Fringe show I'm Stage Managing. I get to be involved in all the aspects of the show this time - including promotional material and sponsorship, as well as some creative work involving props, costume, projections, etc. I'm really excited to jump in head first and get working.

Mostly this post is about my hair. I'm strange that way...



May. 17th, 2007 11:33 am
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So, Oliver wasn't so bad. Certainly better than Peter Pan last year. The kids didn't annoy me so much that I felt I might march up on stage and start telling them off for being irritating. The show was less about the boy Oliver than I expected. And, once again I have discovered another very popular Barbershop song started out as a musical theatre piece. Barbershoppers have edited it heavily - they only left in the upbeat happy parts - but that's Barbershop for you. You're not allowed to be depressed unless it's about a girl who done broke your heart or a man that died in a war somewhere. Otherwise, you must be chipper at all times.

The female lead had a hell of a voice, though. Blew the top of the Shocter a couple of times. And it was neat to see Tim again. He was the kid we got to play young Guido in Nine last year, and he played the Artful Dodger well. I had heard they were getting all the kids to move around those set pieces and at first I was pretty skeptical, remembering what it was like getting kids to reliably and quickly move props and set pieces in Beauty and the Beast, but they did pretty well with a lot of complicated moves. It was still a little slow in some parts, but there were a lot of pieces moving on and off and round and round, so they did quite well considering the complexity of the moves.

Neat break-apart set, though, with each chunk of the stairway an independent piece. It allowed them to create some pretty amazing sets with what amounted to stair-shaped building blocks. Well thought out and mostly well executed.

Who knew Oliver was such a tragedy... I certainly didn't. I mean, Oliver gets his happy ending, but he's about the only one.

Does anyone else agree with me that the seats in the Shocter are about the most uncomfortable things to sit on in the entire world? No padding on the backs. I had trouble making it through the first act. My back is killing me today. Next time I'm stashing a pillow in my purse.

To all of you who are camping this weekend: bring your rain-boots and some thick jackets! In true May Long Weekend fashion, it's going to be cold and rainy. Have fun in tents being cold. Suckers.

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I keep checking my site stats and there is one person who has been checking my blog so often I felt bad about not updating. I assume that means she misses me. *the piano-man strikes up a chord* Brenda... this one's for you, baby.

Not much to report, aside from a shiny new computer that makes me sigh with happiness just by being. I think I'm in love. It's not lust; no short lived, passing obsession that briefly captures my imagination. This... this is true love. I turn it on and it gives me that pleasant, tingly feeling inside like I've had just slightly too much really good wine. Not drunk, just... buzzed. Giddy with excitement. And I think, okay, this can't last, once we get to know each other it'll pass and this will feel just like any other, but I dig in deeper and it just gets me even more excited. It's sleek and speedy and sexy. What more could a girl want?

Can y'all tell I haven't been laid in some time? *wink*

This long weekend, while everyone and their dog is going camping without me, I plan to lock myself in my apartment and start redesigning my site. It's... not the greatest timing, because what I really want to do is write while the writing's good, but it's time and I've been putting it off. I promised myself I would get serious about this redesign once I had the tools to do the job, so I need to stop making excuses and really take my new computer for a serious test drive. I may not make it out of pajamas all weekend. I'm not saying you're going to see the results this weekend, it's the first tiny step in a larger process. I may do the actual update in phases, start with my blog then my writing then my portfolio but... probably not. The phases strategy doesn't seem to work all that well for me, mostly because I never end up getting around to anything but phase one. The best way for me to do anything is have phase one be... everything. And for phase two to be unnecessary.

It's been a long time for me and web design. It's a lot like starting a new friendship with someone you lost touch with for a while. Sort of awkward with lots of long, uncomfortable silences where you stare around the room trying to think of something to talk about. Like that.

I've been trying to think what Green Tea tastes like all morning, and I think I figured it out. Unbuttered popcorn. Anyone with me?

When you tell people you're not a morning person, they say 'Oh Ho, well, you'll get used to it' and pat you on the shoulder. Hooey. I've been doing mornings for a long time now and I'm no more used to it than I was when I started. Me and mornings are not friends. Why does the rest of the world feel the need to start so early? If my day could be between the hours of 10am and 2am I would be a much happier person. I despise having to go to bed early because I have to get up early. I'm a night person. I like night. I function better when I've been up for a while. In fact, I would like to put forward the notion of going to a 30 hour clock. I could sleep for nine and be up for twenty-one. My waking hour to sleeping hour ratio always feels off when I follow the rules of the rest of the world.

Greg and I went to see 'Fat Pig' a while ago. It was good in a tragically unfortunate kind of way. You knew, right from the beginning, that it wouldn't end well. And when it came time for the egg to break it broke hard and neither the director nor the writer let you off easy. It's uncomfortable and private and wrong but it's just true, and that's the part that makes you really sad. Because there's no idealism in that kind of human weakness, and we try to make it not about how someone looks, try really really hard. But in the end, it does matter for all the wrong reasons, but that doesn't make it matter any less and it doesn't make the people any less worthy. It's... an unfortunate truth.

This good long post brought to you in part by Brenda. Because she's hot and I love her that much. More even.

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Every year, it's the same old tease.

Sometime in March, things start to look up weather-wise. The sun comes out, the vast majority of the snow melts off the streets. The puddles go from lake sized to proper puddle size to none-existent. You think it might finally be a good time to give the car a wash. You leave the windows open when you go to bed at night. You start moving the winter coats into the back of the closet in favour of the nicer, more comfortable spring onces, and start to wear pretty shoes that have no grip and are composed of thin pieces of none waterproofed material.

Then you wake up one morning and shmooff. Snow. Wind. Cold. Back out come the gloves and the toques. Away go the pretty shoes. Add on five minutes to brush and scrape off car in the morning. And you know in a week the streets will be wet and mucky again, and the mud will stick to your heels and your pants. The wind ruins your hair. You'll spend a veritable fortune on windshield wiper fluid. Why do we always get excited at the very first peak of spring? Every single FUCKING year? It's bad enough that it happens every year without fail, but we can never help ourselves from getting all used to spring before it's actually really here. Apparently, we like the smack-down.

Don't even get me started on the snow-storms in early June. When everything is packed so far back in the bottom of the closet that the time spent digging it all out isn't worth the actual time the shitty weather sticks around, so we all just wander about in inappropriate jackets and shoes without mittens or hats for a few days, cursing and flailing on the ice.

Consider that spring isn't a very attractive time of year in this country, anyway, and I'm forced to wonder what the fuss is about. The snow melts away leaving brown, dead, clumpy grass covered in either snow mold and dead leaves that weren't properly raked away, or five inches of dirt and gravel from the sanders. The trees are all dead - like they are in the winter - but without the frost-touched glisten that makes them reasonably attractive. And everything smells like damp and dead rot. Then, even when things start to take an upturn, when the flora and fauna starts to recover and everything starts to grow and smell alive again, then I spend four weeks in agony, sneezing and congested. There is a large percentage of us who, even when spring starts to become everything we think of it as, can't even enjoy it. Dread it, even.

My office building is a freezer. Who turns on the air conditioning when it's -5 outside? The thermostat near my desk dares to insist it's 23 degrees in here. My blue fingers and three sweaters say differently. Does anyone care that a lot of us in this building are not menopausal middle-aged women? *puts on mittens* Harumph.

I'm heading straight into what will be the longest run of work I've encountered in a long time: shows every night after work, then two shows both Saturday and Sunday for two weeks in a row with only Monday nights off. In the midst of all this chaos, I have to find time to pop by and have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law who are in town at precisely the wrong time, through no fault of their own. It wasn't the wrong time when they planned their trip, it just sort of turned out that way.

It's all for the greater good, though. And I'm enjoying it, despite all the tired. It is nice to be involved in the theatre, and a wee bit of a rush to be involved in professional theatre to boot. I can't afford to see my own show. *grins* That's what I'm talking about.

End of April plans? To use some of this extra money to do what I've been threatening to do since September: purchase a shiny new computer.

It will be very exciting. Mark my words. I'll twitter.


I'm Pink!

Mar. 26th, 2007 12:43 pm
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I hope all of you people using Firefox notice that I have - finally - fixed my blog so that the inner background does not scroll in Firefox, which is obviously the way it was meant to be. This improvement brought to you by a two hour phone call from my sister. Not that it took us two hours to fix, but when we get started yapping we have problems stopping.

"What Lies Before Us" is going very well. The show is fairly straight-forward to run, though preset and intermission change is sort of like taking apart and putting together a large, 3-dimensional puzzle. The stage manager and actors are great to work with, and the show is almost a perfect length for my current lifestyle. I can get home at quarter after ten, both avoiding the mass exodus of Citadel patrons whilst I putter around, and getting from there to home in five minutes. This means I won't be exhausted, as I'm home in time to go to bed at a reasonable hour. All kinds of good. Falling asleep at desk is not something I'd like to have on my review...

Sinfest wrote a comic about me. Illuminating. Thank God, indeed. Also, you can go to Become an M & and become an M & M like me! I can't even begin to say how obnoxiously puffed up I am that I found this first. I never find this kind of stuff first.



Mar. 15th, 2007 10:48 am
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Excitement. Pure, uninhibited thrill.

I was contacted a few days ago by the Production Manager of A Crow's Theatre in Toronto, who got my name from the Production Manager at The Citadel. They are looking for a local stage management apprentice to work the run of their touring show, "What Lies Before Us" at the Citadel at the end of this month, and after a couple of days of back and forth, they offered me the contract! It's strictly just the run, which is perfect for me, as it is evenings and weekends only and it won't interfere with my job at all (except in that I will probably be fairly tired for three weeks). It runs March 24 through April 15.

The best part? Other than the obvious, which is me getting to do what I adore? If they got my name from The Citadel, that means I haven't burnt my bridges there by turning down their offer earlier this year due to monetary constraints. And I'll get to work with them, which means if and when I apply next time, they'll know who I am.

So. I will be disappearing off the face of the planet for a couple of weeks. Nothing new, so to speak of.

Also, my friend Kathryn from Winnipeg is in town (surprise!) until Monday. I am going to attempt to arrange a melding of the theatre tech minds in the form of lunch and dessert. Sugar is a must. Also, probably liquor. With sugar in it. MMMmmm...

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Did you know that when you call Pizza Hut’s delivery line at 310-1010 you call Toronto?

Jon ordered pizza for CSI night from the Pizza Hut across the street from me. We decided it was cold and that’s what delivery is for, right? So, lame people (I admit, it was mostly me who didn’t want to go outside) that we are, we voted for the Pizza Hut across the street to deliver.

Across the Street!

It was quite the adventure in phone land to make this happen. Like planning an invasion. Only with pizza. And, really, who doesn’t want a little pepperoni-mushroom action while invading?

So first, Jon called to order the pizza. It was a thickly accented man on the other end who had trouble understanding a street address. (Apparently they don’t teach you about apartment numbers in call-centre school)

He asked us if were were in Vancouver. He wanted my postal code. I’ve never had anyone ask for my postal code when ordering pizza before… Obviously, this prompted Jon to ask where the heck he was and it turns out, he was in Toronto. We ordered pizza from across the street by way of Toronto.

Of course, it didn’t end there.

Apparently, the south-side store got our order. The street address didn’t make it through the real game of telephone very well, and they called Jon to verify the address. Then Jon called them back to say that why didn’t they just get their store across the street from us make the order instead of delivering it from the south side?

So then the south side store called the downtown store and relayed the order. Then the downtown store called Jon to, you guessed it, verify the address. By this time, ridiculous had passed us by a while ago, so Jon offered to run across the street and pick up the pizza. Plus, he was hungry and starting to twitch.

On a completely different note, I’m officially a followspot for SACT’s performance of Narnia! Woot woot woot!

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I knew my life was hiding back there, behind the Fringe.

All things considered, the Fringe went well. Jane sold out or was very close to selling out every day except for our freakishly late show during which there was the rain and thunder storm of doom to chase away our paying audience. It did provide some nice ambiance, though, and the look in the eyes of the cast when I told them it was entirely possible we could lose power sometime in the middle of the show was worth it.

I parted from more money than I should have over the past two weeks. There are many reasons and excuses for this, but mostly it's because I'm occasionally weak willed and there were pretty things on sale. I probably shouldn't purchase any more clothes for several months at least. For sure until after Christmas. But I do not regret. *hugs pretty tweed suit tightly*

This is strictly on the down low, but I definitely forgot to handbill for the show. I have a stack of Jane handbills in my purse that never got in the hands of Fringers. Probably a couple of those not-quite sell-outs are mostly my fault. Meh.

Wow. I don't have to go back to school this September. It hasn't quite sunk in, yet, though the first time this happened to me it didn't start to really mean anything until there was snow. All I know is I'm enjoying having money again and am happy that the flow isn't going to come to an abrupt hault anytime soon.

My aunt and her boyfriend are moving in together, which is to say that I now have a full set of very nice pots and pans that they don't need, since having two full sets is one set too many. Apparently, his sister went to cooking school and had to buy them, then bought an even better set later and gave the cast-offs to him. And now, they have been re-cast-offed to me. I shall give them a happy home.

I really missed most of the summer, what with the out of town and the crazy busy. I haven't played frisbee once. I've been to the park only once, and that was for Shakespeare. I haven't even seen the legislature grounds or the fountain. I did make up for some of it by spending two full weekends in a row on Whyte for the Fringe. Jon want's to have a corn maze day and barbeque, and I'm all for it. Just tell me when and where.

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Just when you think you've said goodbye to sixteen hour days for a while. Just when things start coming together, what with the adult job and the building up of things to move out with, and the start of and independant me is hovering just within reach ... almost ...

Just when I think I get my life back, there was the Fringe and Jane Eyre, ready to hold it hostage again.

Oh. My. GOD...

How many little three dimensional cubes can one man draw? Honestly? I mean, how many could YOU draw before you started to loosen a few screws? And I thought directors were writing something important or thought provoking or, you know, at all related to the show at hand. Nope. Not so much, no. Suck less, indeed.

I know it sounds crazy, but the Fringe actually STARTING is a good thing. The death grip on my life loosens somewhat on Friday, because we actually start running the show. I don't have to build / repair / find / freak out about anything, 'cause it's too damn late. Sure, there are ninety-six lighting cues and three sound cues in an hour and forty-five minutes, but cake walks like that, baby.

And, I get to see shows this year, due to me not going out of town half way through the Fringe and me having to leave work early in order to make my show times and the fact that the first weekend Jane Eyre doesn't play except for Friday night. My current plans contain the following:

Sunday August 20th:
"Genericles" @ Stage #11, CISN FM Stage, Noon.
"This Little Piggy Is Classified" @ Stage #3, Acacia Masonic Hall, 4:45pm

Thursday August 24th:
"The Green Room" @ Stage 4, Homes by AVI, 6:30pm

Saturday August 26th:
"Toe Jam" @ Stage 1, Trans Alta, 6:30pm

I am open to company and additional show suggestions. Anyone interested in seeing Jane Eyre should know it IS a musical and there is A LOT of musical numbers. Think Les Miserable style with marginally more talking. Marginally. The score is freaking HUGE. You should see the bag I had to buy to fit all my SM nonsense in. It pulls me over and largely determines the direction I go. I had to put flashlights in lanterns, and turn a mag light into a candle so they would light up without the use of actual fire. I am so not an electrician. Take apart the flashlight and use the bits my ass. I'll show you where to shove the bits...

At some point, I will post a rant on those dumb plastic shoes. Stay tuned.

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I dislike being sick in all the ways and probably a few more that haven't been thought of yet. I was fine until sometime in the middle of the night on Sunday, and then all of the sudden it was like hayfever season smacked me upside the back of the head, except that, unlike allergies, the ick cannot be tamed by Reactin. I bought Cherry Extra-Strength Dymatap today and am currently relishing the ability to breath (mostly) uninhibited. I always go for the syrups instead of the pills. They work faster and usually better. Of course, sometimes I end up somewhere needing a dose and am without a teaspoon, but the same could be said of ending up somewhere needing a pill and having nothing to drink it down with. I am not one of those who can dry-swallow pills. It makes me gag just thinking about the possibility.

I hope this cold passes quickly.

In other news, strike for On The Town is done and work for Nine official starts. I'm not calling in my crew until tomorrow, though. I figure we all deserve at least one night off. Besides, there's not much we can do until I have my meeting with the designer anyway, and that isn't until tomorrow after the production meeting. I have to organize my Bible before then. I have to photocopy Amy's measurement sheets. I have to write up a Crew Expectations sheet. I have to be prepared and responsible. To be fair, my schedule was one of the first ones in, which makes me the relative queen of all things right now. Everyone hold hands and hope Heidi is my monitor, 'cause then I will have no fear. At some point I will have to go buy fabric. Apparently the director wants to go on a road trip to Red Deer one Saturday to Good Will and Thrift Stores. It seems to me there are perfectly good Good Wills right here in Edmonton, but so long as it's not my gas we're spending and we can stop at the Doughnut Mill, I really can't complain.

It's cold in my house. I'm already wearing two shirts. Three seems excessive.

I also have to work on some of this Powerama stuff. *sigh* When I said I'd do it, I was under the impression that it was going to be mostly updating stuff. It seems to me now that things are getting a little more than updating, mostly without a whole lot of my permission. I'm willing to help out with the site, but my time limits are such that I don't have enough to make this a complete project. If this had of come up over the summer, sure. Or in May last year. But right now? I'm a freakin' crew head. I'll do what I can.

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Love's Labour's Lost. Of the good. There was much mirth and assorted laughter. Brenda, you missed out on a good show. But that's what you get for visiting Linnet and not sneaking me in your overnight bag. *sticks tongue out at Brenda's distant airplane* I mean, it rained. A lot. But I really think that cameo by God made up for it entirely.

So I put this invisible counter on my blog which tracks the number of hits I get. It also gathers a big scary pile of other information about everyone who drops by - including the city you're viewing from. So. There's someone from New York out there. *waves* Also, someone who was searcing Yahoo for "girl kicking boy in groin" and somehow found me. I'm not sure I've put those words together in that way anywhere on here... I imagine Jon would kill me for simply uttering it.

I'm seriously thinking about re-designing my hub site. And portfolio. And possibly combining it all with my blog. So you would no longer have to go through the mh5 path to get here... I'm toying with the thought. Also, I feel my portfolio should be updated and possibly dry-cleaned. Anyway. Thoughts.

But not before my other project...


Rachel patiently suffered through me re-taking photographs of the vending machine at Safeway, and in return I rewarded her with excellent slurpage. I think I may possibly have the correct angle now. I'll start with what I have and when the layout looks about right, I'll start harrassing people to be my models for the... other part... heheheHA!

My sister is about to blow herself apart with Snape-joy, which is fine. I think she's bitter that I postponed our all-night fan-girl Snape-A-Thon because of sweet, sweet sleep. Does this willpower make me any less of a fan? Nay, it means that I reveled longer in more Snapey dream sequences than she did.

By the way. I'm not available on Saturday. Really at all. You shouldn't bother calling me. You see, Harry Potter comes to my door (Delivered by tiny excited childred again? *Hope Hope*) on Saturday, and then I will read. Stopping only to prepare food and/or beverage or expel said food/beverage, I will read until my eyes are dry and it hurts to blink. Than I might break for a half-hour with a damp cloth over my eyes to speed up the healing process. Then, I will read some more.

I guarentee that, next time you see me after Saturday, I will have read the entire book, cover to cover. Possibly twice.

The best part? I don't work on Saturday. The last time Harry Potter came out, I had to put it down twice while reading to go to work. NOT THIS TIME! WOOT! DOUBLE WOOT! TRIPLE WOOT! ONE MILLION, EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINTEY-FIVE WOOTS!

My new project needs a logo. It may be a showstopper.

Hey! And ultimately cool! Earth Google is all kinds of neat! Doesn't run on mac yet *grrr* but they say they're working on it, and I did watch someone at work playing on it, and it's COOL! Bask in its glory and revel in the fact that I will no longer have to wait for stupid yahoo maps to download when looking for restaurants/hotels/streets while researching stories.


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