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I finally got around to downloading the pilot of the show Glee which starts airing this fall. For those not in the know, it is -- yes it so completely is -- a television show about a high school show choir club. And I am lame and love it. DON'T JUDGE ME OKAY?

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It is possible that all True Blood reaction posts will contain some sort of all-caps squee about Sam. You are free to ignore it.

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I just had the opportunity to catch up on the last two episodes.

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I can't decide if I think the show True Blood is awesome or awful. It might be both simultaneously. What I do know is that, despite the fact I'm still up in the air as to the quality, the show has managed to hook me and hook me hard. I find the characters and the premiss intriguing. I want to know what happens next. And I love the fact that I really believe no one is safe (we-ell, except Sookie maybe, since she's the lead). They're not just killing off nothing characters who's sole purpose on the show is to be killed off, they're murdering people who really seemed like they should be for keeps. It's upsetting and horrible and completely awesome. Makes the stakes (ha-ha!) seem real.

In the meantime, I can legitimately say the following things about last night's True Blood episode were made of 100% pure win:

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Work is still chaosy and doom-like. Hopefully I'll be finished training at the end of next week (if the stars align, anyway, though my luck on that front hasn't been great of late) and my life will resume a more normal schedule. It helps enormously that we've finally managed to find some temps with the right skills.



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