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For Twilight/Comic Con recap lulz, wander over here. Personal favourite trinket:

Stewart: "I can’t wait to actually get pregnant."
Pattinson: "I can’t wait to take part in the Caesarian."

OMG RPattz, you are so good at being so WTF sometimes. I think he might do it on purpose to try and repel some of the fangirl lust wave (like it's even possible), but he could also just be genuinely weird.

Also entertaining:

A question about filming in Vancouver ... "It’s cold and wet," says Lautner. "Don’t get me wrong it’s just no fun not wearing any clothes there." The crowd screams.

The thing that kills me about Twilight is how much pandering and fan service the movie-makers include. I've heard Jacob hardly ever wears a shirt again once the New Moon book starts. Apparently that wasn't an exaggeration.

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OMGWTF WHY DIDN'T ANY OF YOU TELL ME SMEYER HAS [Poll #1373142][Poll #1373142]
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Any of you watching [ profile] cleolinda  will have already seen this, but OH. MY. GOD. I guess we all knew it was only a matter of time before someout came out with something like this. I never understood the obsession teenage and preteen girls have had recently (and even before Twilight) with body glitter/shine/sparkles, but my guess is Twilight will probably invigorate it. All they need now is Edward Cullen Crazy-Hair Gel and Edward Cullen Lip Colour. My guess is that it will not be long before we see either.

This post-Twilight world is often a strange and scary one, no?


Say It!

Dec. 9th, 2008 11:46 pm
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Sometimes, you just have to share things.


Parodies are awesome. I would like for there to be more Twilight parodies, plzthx.


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The new, full Twilight Trailer is up, now complete with even more ANGST! and DRAMA!  No sparkling yet, sadly, which is a terrible disappointment for all I'm certain.

I got the chance to walk through the massive warehouse attached to my office today, which was actually significantly cooler than it probably sounds.  Not only have I been to the Television Graveyard, but I've also been to the Land of Broken Tables, seen the Loveseat and Sofa Forests, and wandered through the Leaning Mountains of Cardboard Boxes.  I was also very nearly run over by a forklift.  Go team me.

Other than that fun field trip, most of my day has been spent staring at Excel spreadsheets.  My eyes are now permanently crossed and everything I look at is overlaid by a faint grid pattern that's probably been burned into my retina.  Damaged eyes and nearly smushed by a forklift; I should demand hazard pay.

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I have seen the newest Twilight Trailer, which seems to indicate that the movie will be at least as LOL-worthy as the book.  I am currently formulating a plan as to how I will manage to watch this movie in the theatre without actually paying money for it.  Regrettably, it looks like I'll be going it alone, as no one I know who lives here is willing to sneak in with me.  If I had any holiday days left, I might just visit a roomie for the sake of watching Twilight with someone who appreciates the funny -- lol-ing is exponentially more fun when other people are around to fuel the funny.

Maybe I'll just download it.  *dons a piratey eye patch*

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Yes, Twilight Fangirls.... sometimes, the truth hurts.

That red-head in the last panel?  That would have been me if I'd actually bought and paid for the book.  As it was, the drag'n'drop to the good ol' trash-can did the job well enough, but in the end those are hours of my life I'll never get back. 

Meanwhile, in the real world....

Four Day Weekend:  *is over*

Chelle's Feet:  *are hurting from all the Canada Day walking*

Apartment:  *is -- classically -- still not at all clean*

Chelle's Work:  *is waiting for her in a menacing pile tomorrow*

Chelle's LJ:  *is crying for want of some lovin'*

Alphabet Meme:  *still has not been done*

Chelle's Life:   *teeters dangerously over the precipice of epic fail*

I think tomorrow is a Starbucks day.  A venti Starbucks day....

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I broke.  I downloaded an ebook copy of Twilight and am reading it to see what all the fuss and the lolz are about, and all I have to say is:

Seriously?  I mean, seriously?  If this is the source material, I shudder to think how the fanfiction reads.  This book Mystery Science Theatre 3000s itself, no effort required. 



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