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I cannot convey how awesome it is that my cat loves headbutts of affection just as much as my friends and I do. He's like our mascot or something. :D

He's also doing that thing he did a week or so ago where he wants to sit on the window sill but it's too cold. He tries to tough it out and shivers, with every shiver being accompanied by a tiny little am-cold meow. Eventually he leaves the sill for some place warmer. It is as adorable as it sounds.

OMG I am becoming that person who posts about her cat all the time... help me...

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  • My office is like a ghost town. So many people on holiday.
  • Two-weddings is one wedding too many for one month. These things are very expensive and, even when you're not in the party, suck up a lot of time. There are showers and stagettes and gifts and RSVPs and dress buying and then the actual wedding day itself. I generally have a good enough time at the showers and the stagettes -- at the one I went to on Sunday we made sushi and it was awesome -- but it's a bit draining, meeting and socializing with a load of people I don't know very well or at all at the frequency I've been doing it at this month. No more weddings until B's next summer, okay?
  • My cat is becomming a big bed hog. Given one human-sized creature and one cat-sized creature, I would expect they would occupy a proportional ratio of space each. As it turns out the inverse ratio rules supreme here. The things no one thinks to tell you before you venture into cat ownership. He also keeps trying to sleep on my back and meows crankily at me when I shake him off.
  • I woke up unusually early this morning, so I watched last night's True Blood and had a leisurely breakfast. I may be a little bit in love with Godric. And Eric's... Ericness... continues to amuse and delight me. I also may ship Bill/Jason now.
  • Um, I'm going to need a Doctor Who beta in the next week or so if my writing pace keeps up as it has been. Any takers? I need someone to tell me whether or not I'm writing Ten at all correctly.
  • Am finishing up the Five Things meme. Anyone want to add anything to it before I post?

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Wedding! Family visiting from out of town! Bathroom cleaned! Two trips to Ikea! Contracted to build a staircase out of cardboard in six days for a Fringe show! Horse races! Leonardo da Vinci exhibits! Broken vacuum cleaners! Sunburns! Backyard BBQs! Bicycle rides!

My extra long weekend was extra busy. Good thing I had two extra days to cram it all into. This week was looking pretty light until I got called to build a (non-practical) staircase out of cardboard by Friday. I went to see a run through of the show tonight (it's a really awesome two-person show, actually; a sort of urban fairy-tale for adults with really neat movement, character hand-offs, and narration) and am going to build a little scale model out of graph paper tomorrow night. Hurray theatre work!

Poor kitty hasn't seen much of me this weekend, and he's pretty disgruntled about it. When I left earlier tonight to drop my sister's exchanged Ikea items off, he looked at me with mild Don't-Leave-Me-Again panic in his eyes. So we're going to cuddle on the sofa and watch True Blood before bed. If I can extract him from around my leg long enough to make it from the computer desk to the sofa that is. :D

ETA: I just downloaded the photos from the weekend off my camera and obviously I still haven't learned my lesson when it comes to leaving my camera unattended with my friend J. I don't even know what some of those photos are of and I'm sure I don't want to know.

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I set up Roomba to do his Roomba thing this morning before I left for work, and everything was cool and fine until I put on my shoes and then Cat was all YOU'RE LEAVING ME ALONE WITH THIS THING?!? D: D: D: D: D: I basically had to pry him off my leg. The last time I left the two of them alone together the world did not end with velcro-cat and frantic meowing.

I think my cat might be crazy. In an actual way. There's this game he plays where he chases the walls then pounces on it. The wall. Spread-eagles like he's trying to stick to it. Then looks all proud of himself. And yet when I try and enjoy some cat/person play time with a toy, he looks at me like I'm the one who's insane.

He also dislikes it when I close the windows. I tried to explain it's because it's cold out, but he wants none of that excuse. Winter might be interesting.

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I'm officially in possession of only one apartment again, thank goodness. I did the move-out walk-through this morning, and happily am getting my damage deposit entire returned. *cheers* Keys have been returned. The last thing left is to change my driver's license over (which sucks, because I just got a new one a year ago) and to set up mail forwarding at the post office.

New apartment is lovely. Cat-ownership is lovely. I am learning that living with a cat is less a question of who's in charge of whom as it is a negotiation of behaviors. Also, Lex snores. It's amusing.

Still need to hang pictures on the walls, which has been put off because I need to get a couple of my art pieces re-framed (or rather, properly framed instead of just thrown in cheap Ikea frames). It's been an expensive couple of months, so re-framing will likely get put off until August. I'm also still on the lookout for just the right sewing desk; unfortunately the kijiji gods are slow in delivering. Patience, I have little of you.

Listening to the Torchwood radio plays while I work because there's no good Ted Talks. So far they're pretty good. I like radio plays. I used to record television shows on cassette tapes and listen to them in my walkman, especially when I was working cleaning guest rooms at the ranch the summers during high school. I keep thinking I should download more books on tape. I listened to HBP on tape and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Jun. 24th, 2009 09:52 pm
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Thanks for the birthday wishes, flist! I was indeed a fine, fine birthday. Except for the part where I spent the afternoon washing the walls in my old apartment. But at least I had the day off work.

Speaking of work, today it sucked mightily. Unproductive, and not in the good way. Frustrating. By 4:30 I was Ms. Grumpy-Pants. Hopefully tomorrow will be less fruitless.

Roomba! He is charging. I hope to give him a trial run tomorrow night. I bought him in order to combat the combined forces of hardwood floors, cat hair, and kitty litter. Which leads us to...

Meow )


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