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It was a refreshingly no-so-frantic day at work today (followed, inevitably, by an evening that kicked my ass and took some names, but pre-Fringe time I'll take what I can get) so I took the opportunity to jot down a few more drabbles for Moments Worth 100 Words.  So close to a quarter of the way to 100 I could get excited if I wasn't so sleepy.

So we have Well Played, a brief foray into Albus Dumbledore inspired by the DH revelation that he is a bit of a manipulative git despite the whimsical exterior, and The Other Gryffindor Boy, which is a look at the beginning of the end for the Marauders.

Peter's tough to write for me.  Probably because I have difficulty deciding how he started out and finding his path backward from betraying James and Lily and joining Death Eaters Anonymous to the boy who befriended -- or perhaps was befriended -- by three such people as James, Sirius and Remus.  I've read so many versions of pre-dark-mark Peter that I like all for different reasons, but the only canon evidence we have doesn't exactly portray him in a very good light.  Salivating whilst James arses around with a snitch is not the most becoming character sketch.

I'm also not sure about the whole Gryffindor angle.  I mean, obviously he was in there so he must have had -- at some point anyway -- the proper traits.  But looking at him as a man, he shows a lot of submissive Slytherin traits as well.  Maybe it's something as simple as a shift in balance between the two... *thinks some more about this quietly to herself so as not to mess the livejournal up any more than necessary*

I know a lot of people struggle with Dumbledore, both pre and post DH versions.  Honestly, nothing about Dumbledore surprised me in DH, mostly because I suspected there was more to him that we had been given, and I suspected a man such as him must have a coloured past and a few skeletons.  I get Dumbledore.  I mean, I may not always write him well enough to do him proper justice, but I get him.  I'm at least comfortable inside his head.  I'm thinking about moving a chair and a little plant up there and sort of stake out my space, y'know?  Get cozy.

Blast.  Another late night.  Curses and damnation.  I would trade a smallish-sized kingdom for a decent 8 hours of sleep right about now.  Maybe even an averaged-sized kingdom.


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