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My life is -- very, very slowly -- starting to return to normal.  I have two days left of chaos before I just get to run my show for an hour and a half then pack my script away until the next show and not worry about whether or not this costume is made or that prop painted.  On Friday, we're open whether I'm ready or not, and at that point production stops and the wheels start spinning in earnest.  It will be a relief.

In the meantime, I've started penning letters for Ink and Parchment again!  *thunderous cheers*  Well, fine, maybe only a few *curious cricket chirps*.  But it's been since May something-or-other and I feel quite badly about taking so long to update (though getting Bridge out made me feel slightly better). 

The tricky part with Works-In-Progress for someone as controlling as me is that I feel a need to get it past a certain vital point at every update, so as not to screw myself later.  I really need to learn that I'm just going to screw myself later regardless, and stop hesitating -- that was sort of the point, after all.  I was supposed to start out with something only basically plotted and fairly vague and see where it took me.  And I like where I see I'm going, it's just I have these problems resisting the urge to go back and fix-change-alter-make-better.  To clean up the smudges, as it were.  How do the rest of you handle this work-in-progress thing?  Do you ever go back and make repairs, or do you just leave it there in all its original, slightly mis-shaped glory?  For a lot of people, this manner of publishing fic is probably old hat, but I have never done this before, and as such it's a bit foreign.

I've also had to start my own private little "lexicon" for all the original characters this fic is spawning.  Dealing with the broader theme of Muggles, werewolves and the stereotypes and policies surrounding them in the form of letters has meant that I require other people; shop owners, bureaucrats, relatives, and all sorts of other bit players that don't exist in JKR's original canon because they weren't necessary there.  I keep having to re-read Ink and Parchment (which is starting to become lengthy) to check a name or position, so I finally bit the bullet and started a list of all those things I have unceremoniously bolted onto canon.  You all must think I'm some kind of Original Character nutter or something...  And the thing is there will have to be even more -- some just passing through to add a detail here or a plot point there, others taking root and sticking around long-term, because JKR didn't give us anyone to fill that particular role.  Anyone want to lend their names and/or personalities for a bit role?  I promise to return them to you in the condition they were lent out in.

Writing this fic is a lot like playing "connect the dots"... You start drawing lines, and it doesn't look like anything for the longest time, but if you connect them in exactly the right order, a picture starts to take shape; one wrong line can bugger the whole thing.  It's further complicated by the whole "in progress" thing, because it's the added tension of playing the game without an eraser, so if you muck up you have to improvise and make the mistake work.  Brave New World indeed...


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