Sep. 5th, 2007

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So I saw a couple of Holdovers to complete my own personal 2007 Fringe Theatre Adventure, and figured since I took the time to talk about all the other Fringe shows I saw I should probably do the same for the two great Holdover shows...

The Power of Ignorance: OMG SO FUNNY! I'm sorry to say to all of you who could not or did not come, that for the rest of time it is likely that Jason, Emily, Greg and I will continue to regularly use our own power of ignorance (duuuuuhhh) in ways that you might not completely understand but will undoubtably make the four of us giggle madly; apologies in advance for the inside jokes. I really, really wanted to touch Vegan (oh, not like THAT, pu-lease). You know, give him a little kick with my toe, just to see. I bet he wouldn't have moved, but I wonder if he didn't have the sound tech ready with some sort of *NO TOUCHY* sound for just such an occassion... A very, very good show.

Homeless: A very real, very candid one-man show about working in a homeless shelter, and this kid managed to tell several peoples' stories in a little over an hour with unashamed honesty, including his own. A reminder that the people on the streets are still people, despite their problems, addictions, hard roads, and unlucky karma. I could not have done this job, and I respect anyone with the fortitude and strength to do it themselves. As with all one man shows, I am always impressed with the way a single actor can slip in and out of multiple chracters so believably...

So I've collected the drycleaning, returned the props and costumes to the people who were kind enough to lend them to us, distributed jpegs of the poster and promotional photos to those cast members who wanted them, and deposited my cheque. I declair my 2007 Fringe Adventure over, officially.

There's still some cleaning to do -- my apartment still looks like something wandered in and exploded -- but I've started that process and am heading into St. Albert today to do piles and piles of laundry for free at the parent's house. My parents are about to be empty-nesters, officially. My lil' sis is taking the first plunge and moving in with her boyfriend (OOOooo... scary!) at some point in the next couple of weeks, and then my parents will be all like... "bu-- oh..." It's going to be fairly cute.

Hey! I can see the back seat of my car again! That's AMAZING! Cheers to Rachel for needing a ride and forcing me to empty it out and to Greg for helping me clean it out quickly and painlessly. Also: Rachel, don't forget to register your car so you can drive it without fear of getting a ticket!

I love long weekends, but hate it when they end. At least this is a short week. I really need to start figuring out exactly when the Women's International Barbershop finals are. I know the where -- Calgary -- and know they're in October sometime, but I do really want to go and I need to get on the booking off of time for it.... Hmm... *goes to google* In the meantime, I hope everyone's long weekend was as much fun as mine. Cheers!

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I'm actively trying not to make all of my drabbles so angsty and heavy, but fluffy, lighter drabbles are much more difficult.  Lily and James, however, are always a good place to start.  Her Men is a little snapshot of James as a father, and a reminder that every man has a little softness in him, somewhere.

You know, once upon a time I was very much not a shipper of any kind.  And then I allowed myself to get swept away with the Josh/Donna ship in the West Wing fandom because, really, there have never been a pair better suited than Josh and Donna.  I tried to write some other woman into Josh's life at one point, just to amuse myself, but no one would hold and what I ended up with was Susan Burgey and the Susan-verse (which I am thankful for, because I really like this little series of three stories about friendship), because no matter how hard you try, you just can't rock the Josh/Donna boat.  I mean, the writers tried with Amy, and failed miserably because it was apparent to everyone (including Amy) that Josh was completely in love with Donna and had been from the moment she randomly answered his phone during the campaign.

Now, I find myself feeling much the same way about James and Lily.  I feel that James and Lily might just be Josh and Donna in a different time, place, and situation.  Instead of being Josh the Master Politician, James is the Boy Who Did Everything Well.  And I think of Lily being very similar in a lot of ways to Donna... I think if I ever wrote something extended with these two characters, that I would probably base them loosely off Josh and Donna.  I really do love James and Lily.  I'm not sure about all this OTP nonsense, but I think I'm on the boat with the James/Lily ship.  I can't see one without the other.



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