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Have you ever had the feeling that you've lost out on what might have been a good friendship because of a long past err in judgment? There are some people out there you meet, and in choosing to align yourself with one are therefore unable to do so with another in tandem. It's as much a choice as anything is, I suppose, but there's a level of guesswork and luck in those first few meetings that you base your choice off of. There are times when those things turn out to be nothing more than neatly pressed first impressions that don't look half so nice when worn in their more natural, wrinkled state months later.

Very few people are bothered when people they don't like do not like them, but I think most of us would agree that unrequited "like" is just as frustrating as unrequited love. When we like a person who does not like us in return, we can't help but feel inadequate; our nod validates their opinion of us, makes it something we can't shrug off and forget. It is a strange twist of fate when we are drawn to people who don't feel the same pull in our direction. It has been said that we choose our friends, but I tend to believe we have less say in this process than we think. The forces of attraction are just as difficult to predict in friendship as they are in love.

Ah well. What could have been but still might never have been if the planets had aligned differently. Some consider it destiny when people meet, but what about when they don't? Is it still fate, then, or something different? That we could have been fated to never know each other doesn't have the same ring to it, somehow...



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