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If I have friended you and you have no idea who I am, it means I've found your public entries (probably through places like metafandom) interesting. If this bothers you, please PM me and I will remove you.

This journal is 99.9% public, which accounts for why some of the people I "subscribe" to I haven't "granted access" to. I do sometimes post filtered locked entries in order to provide a small and controlled group of people links to private downloads of new Doctor Who episodes, but other than that, this journal is completely public for a variety of reasons, the largest of which is that my rule is I don't put it online if I'm not comfortable with the entire world reading it. If you really believe you're missing something, message me or comment somewhere, and I'll tick the ticky box, but I guarantee all you're missing is the latest Doctor Who episodes. If you'd like in on those, then message me privately, as that's a separate thing altogether.

I cross post to Livejournal under the same username, which I currently consider my primary home, but I happily accept comments in either space. My plan so far is to mirror content in both places, so whichever floats your boat.

I maintain a Harry Potter Fanfiction Recs Site, Coffee and Chocolate where I've rec'd over 300 fics, though currently my velocity has slowed somewhat due to a busy "real life" and new fandoms *cough*DoctorWho*cough* taking up most of my time. My Harry Potter Fanfiction is housed at The Unknowable Room and my West Wing fanfiction is hosted at There's some Buffy stuff and some Gargoyles stuff floating around from oh-so long ago, but I honestly don't even remember where it's archived, and it's old. I'm not sure I even remember what pen name they're under...

Paper Worlds is my online working notebook for all projects writing-related, and also doubles as my personal fic journal for those who prefer to read and be notified of fic updates via Livejournal. I'm updating it with all my current/old stuff slowly, and with the new stuff as it comes out. All the fic is public and available to anyone -- the only stuff that's been made private are my plethora of notes, lists, timelines, and backstories that make up my own personal canon, which you probably don't care that much about.
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